April 21, 2011

Metal from New Zealand, part 2 – guest post on No Clean Singing

Brutal Tunes


Diocletian's 2010 release, War of All Against All

It’s been a week of sending you off other places to read my writing. In June last year – fuck, I’m a bit of a slacker! – I wrote a blog over at NO CLEAN SINGING about some of my favorite NZ metal bands – acts like Skuldom, Human and Cripple Mr Onion – and promised I’d be back to showcase a few more underground kiwi acts. And then life happened. But finally, after hearing Islander was in need of a few guest posts, I popped over to share six of the best underground NZ metal bands.

Thanks you to everyone who offered suggestions. I’ve got to showcase more NZ metal on this here blog, methinks. Keep your eyes out for another feature soon. In the meantime, check out Metal from NZ, Part 2 over on No Clean Singing.