Metalheads 101

Metalheads 101

There are plenty of blogs online about metal music, but they only tell half the story. On this blog, I don’t just review metal bands, I talk about what it means to be a metalhead. If you think metal is more than just a musical genre, if you eat-sleep-drink and LIVE heavy metal, if you wake up every day with a song on your lips and a blastbeat in your heart, than this blog is for you.

If you’re a metalhead, thinking about becoming a metalhead, or just curious about what makes metalheads tick, Steff Metal is a great place to hang out. It’s written by me, Steff, a legally-blind author, blogger and metal maiden living in New Zealand with my cantankerous drummer husband and our medieval sword collection. I’m passionate about metal, books, archaeology, travelling, sausage rolls and ducks.

I update the blog 2-4 times per week, so there’s always something new to read. Start at the very beginning, with Metal Lifestyle 101, to learn a little more about how this site came about.

Next, you might be interested in Metalheads 101. It’s a primer for metalifying your life – we talk about everything from what makes a band metal to what classic metal albums are the best to how to survive your first metal show. If you’re new to metal or looking to become one of those super-awesome metal know-it-alls, the discussions on these posts will give you heaps to think about.

Here are a few of the most popular Metalhead 101 articles:

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Then, head over to some of my favorite articles about awesome stuff:

Why I Write

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If you’re after more specific advice, my advice column Ask a Metalhead tells it like it is. (If you want help with a certain problem, email me on steff @ steffmetal DOT com.)

Fear & Loathing & Squirrels: What to Do When You’re Scared Shitless
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Every metalhead knows aesthetics are important. Hence, my column Kvlt Fashion contains some of my most popular articles:

Black Metal Fashion
Folk Metal Fashion
Death Metal Fashion
Power Metal Fashion

If you fancy yourself a bit of an intellectual history buff, my occasional forays into my archaeological past reveal some metal history:

The Mysterious History of Ouija Boards
History of Beer
Emperor Caligula
HP Lovecraft’s Influences on Heavy Metal Music

For metalheads with wanderlust, Grymm & Frostbitten Lands (the metal travel column) gives you all the advice you need for exploring grymm and frostbitten lands

5 Metal Things to do in Jordan
Surviving Summer Metal Festivals
5 Metal Things to do in Hamburg
5 Metal Things to do in Egypt

You can read about some of the other popular columns in the Columns tab, but if you like what you’ve seen so far, why not sign up to read Steff Metal on your RSS? Or, you can join me on Facebook or Twitter for bite-sized bits of metal awesomeness.

Thanks for reading. Stay Grymm \m/