September 6, 2009

The Metalheads guide to winter fashion

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Ah, winter. The Gymm, frostbitten season of epicness. We’re deep in the bowels of Scandinavia at the moment, and boy howdy is it chilly. Not that we mind. As we’re previously discussed, metal is NOT a summer fashion – all that black leather, boots, jeans and fishnet does not a cheery beach babe make.

For this very reason, many metalheads hail the onslaught of winter. And what’s not to like? Hot chocolate, open fires, rain pattering on your roof, snowboarding, and having fun with winter fashion. One principal reason that Metal fashion doesn’t work so well in the summer is that black can get a bit hot and sweaty. But dark colours – principally black – suit the winter aesthetic. Whether it’s high end black winter outfits By Malene Birger or more affordable outfits in black, grey and purple, you’ll have no problems finding metal fashion in dark colours to suit your style and shape.

So how DO you look kreig and stay warm at the same time?

For girls, layering is key. I always struggle choosing outfits when we go out to winter gigs because even though the club will be warm, the walk TO the club will be a frozen hell. Sure, you could bring your floor-length woollen jacket, but sometimes you just don’t want to lug that thing around all night (there be no coat check’s at NZ metal bar, FYI).

When you’re skinny and easily affected by the cold like me, you’re night will swiftly turn to shite if you’re freezing. Layering close-fitting clothes traps warm air close to your body, which helps keep you warm. Several thin layers will keep you warmer than one or two baggy sweatshirts.

Successful layering means taking advantage of differing lengths, colours (or shades of black) and fabrics. When you wear four or five layers of cotton, the fabric sticks together and you end up looking quite lumpy. Mix some silk, satin, cashmere, wool … or something in there – you’ll notice a difference immediately. Choose items with different cuts, lengths and sleeves – if all your layers end right above your waist, for instance, you’ll look thicker there, and they tend to clump together and roll up.



Note the awesome pirate scarf of doom.


The skinny-legged pants and leggings trends continue this season, and for that, metal girls should be eternally grateful. You know all your hot little miniskirts? Wear them over your skinny pants or leggings – warmth AND hot little mini shirt. I love this look with big stomping boots or legwarmers and wedge heels.

Alternatively, long swishy, slightly hippiesh style skirts go great with metal tees, and you could wear a pair of leggings underneath and NO ONE WOULD KNOW (It’ll be our little secret).

NO winter wardrobe would be complete without a coat. Your coat of choice will depend on the weather in your abode (a Scandinavian winter being vastly different to an Australian winter, for example), the amount of money you have to spend, the type of clothes you’re wearing with it, and the colour and fabric you choose.


Guys, as usual, have it easy. Now’s the time to dig out your long-sleeved metal shirts. I’m advise ditching those icky hoodies for leather jackets and investing in a nice leather jacket and pullover jersey, as well as a long-sleeved thermal skivvy to wear under your clothes. Pants come in requisite black, as do boots. Belt buckles come in varying degrees of kreig (mine has a skull and crossbones). Chain wallets and white sneakers are OUT.

Those floor-length priest coats are also OUT, just FYI. They look REALLY cool in the shop but tend to make you look like a goit in the company of other people. My new favorite item is strait-jackets, in all their zippered, strapped glory.

In many places, the winter metalhead may not venture out without a scarf, hat and gloves. Scarves and hats are my favorite winter accessories – so useful and yet so much fun! Don’t limit yourself to monochrome colours. A scarf can be your opportunity to inject a little colour into your kreig black wardrobe! In winter I wear orange and red scarves, as well as my basic black number covered in white knitted skull and crossbones.

Around 80% of your body heat escapes through your head, so adding a hat to your outfit can really keep you toasty. Most metalheads wear beanies, but I like to live a little! My hats include an 18th century english cavalry beret and a felt top hat.


At Wacken with my favorite army beret (since deceased)

What are you wearing this winter, or, if it’s summer where you reside, what do you WISH you were wearing? Lets hear your favorite tricks for winter warmth.

Super Snuggles and Shoggoth Kisses