April 23, 2017

My latest paranormal novel, Hollow, is out now

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Hollow-KindleThe Hollow is no ordinary haunted house.

The rooms change places, the walls are closing in, and every day the house gets closer to being crushed beneath the weight of the void between the fae and human worlds.

Aisling is the Hollow’s last protector, a young woman ready to sacrifice herself to protect her family’s magic from falling into the hands of the fae. She knew the Hollow would eventually take her life. But she never imagined it would bring her the boy of her dreams.

Niall is a warrior, a fae born and bred for killing. But all his strength and guile can’t help him save his brother, who is being held prisoner by a rival fae. The only way Niall can save his brother is to gain enough magic to pay off his debt. And there’s only one ready source of residual magic in the city – the Hollow.

Now, Aisling and Niall are trapped inside the Hollow. As their enemies batter at the doors, desperate for entry, and the void threatens to consume them in eternal night, Aisling and Niall must battle their own demons and join forces to save the magic of the Hollow from falling into the wrong hands. 

If the Hollow falls, both worlds fall with it. But if Aisling and Niall succeed, they will be forced apart for all of eternity.

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I’ve really enjoyed writing this story. Haunted houses are a subject that fascinate me, and appear in different guises in a lot of my stories (The Man in Black, the foxes series to a certain extent …) When Rebecca Hamilton approached me about writing a book in a shared world series about the fae pulling witches from earth into their realm, I was in the middle of reading House of Leaves, and the idea of a house that straddled that void between the worlds came to me. I thought about what it would be like to be trapped inside such a house for your whole life, and what you’d do to pass the time. As soon as I realised the house had to have a library, Aisling’s character was born.

I was fascinated by the idea of this girl who read every book she could, books about worlds she had never experienced. Even simple things like characters going to school or falling in love were completely beyond her. Aisling’s entire catalogue of emotions and responses is learned from books. It’s almost as though she herself is haunted by the words on the pages.

Hollow is a standalone paranormal romance novel released under my penname – USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. It is the Book II in the Fallen Sorcery Isa Fae shared world series. If you like stories of clever witches, deadly fae, and a house with a mind of his own, this book will be impossible to put down.

Reader FAQ

What is the Isa Fae shared world?

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In the world of Isa Fae, magic is both life source and currency, and running out of magic means certain death. But beyond barter, the only way to obtain more magic is by collecting energy from other dimensions…an option that hasn’t been available to them since a nuclear war rendered Earth uninhabitable, cutting off the Fae’s primary source.

With the stores of magic dwindling, and no access to the human world to get more, the Fae must find new ways to distribute magic and protect what little they have. But when the factions can’t agree on how to move forward and secede from one another, it leaves each to be represented by their own leaders and ruled by their own laws.

What lengths will each faction be willing to go to survive? And what price will survivors from Earth pay to be a part of their new world?

Read more and see the other books in the series on the Fallen Sorcery website.

Do I have to read all sixteen books to get the full story?

No. Each book is designed to stand on its own, so each features its own unique characters in one of the sixteen factions, and each will have a satisfying ending. However, I definitely recommend you check out some of the other stories.

Will Hollow be released into Kindle Unlimited?

Not at this time. I have recently pulled my Steffanie Holmes catalogue from KU, and my fantasy novels will follow later this year. I don’t intend to go back, but that may change in the future. However, the book is only a paltry $2.99 to buy, so you can definitely still read it!

Will Hollow be out in paperback?

YES. I’ve submitted paperback files for final approval yesterday, so the paperback will be available this week from Amazon.

Will Hollow have a sequel? Will we meet Aisling and Niall again?

I have no plans at this time, and I am bound by my contract with Fallen Sorcery. I am allowed to use the characters again, and the Hollow, too, but not to use the Isa Fae world. I may in future write something extra, perhaps a story about Aisling and Niall’s descendants growing up in the house, but I don’t have any plans for this year.

Will you be doing more of these shared-world projects?

I don’t have any plans to in the near future. While this was a really fun project, I think I prefer having total control over world building and pricing, and the freedom to pivot and adapt in ways that are best for my story and my career. This year, expect to see me finish off the Wolves of Crookshollow series, and start a new vampire series that I’m ridiculously excited about. I’ll also hopefully finish off Witches of the Woods, and get the next Chronicles of the Wraith book out, but that might be too ambitious.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting my work!

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