March 19, 2018

NEW RELEASE: The Castle of Earth and Embers

Metalheads Who Read, Writing Runes

briarwood reverse harem

It’s here! My brand new book is out in the world! I am celebrating with a glass of absinthe and some cat snuggles :)

You can read The Castle of Earth and Embers in Kindle or print. It’s $3.99 for the ebook, but free if you read in Kindle Unlimited.

briarwood reverse harem

Maeve Crawford has her life mathematically calculated down to the last detail; Leave her podunk Arizona town, graduate MIT, get into the space program, be the first woman on Mars, read lots of books, get a cat (not necessarily in this order).

All Maeve’s careful plans come crashing down when her parents are killed in a freak accident, and she discovers she’s inherited a real, honest-to-goodness English castle – complete with turrets, ramparts, and four gorgeous male tenants.

Corbin – the protector wallowing in guilt
Arthur – the warrior tired of fighting
Flynn – the trickster with an artist’s soul
Rowan – the enigma whose scars run deep

As soon as Maeve enters Briarwood, she’s drawn to Corbin, Arthur, Flynn and Rowan – four beautiful boys drenched in grief, hope, and ancient magic. Maeve needs them all to heal her broken heart, and they need her to help them protect the world from the fae host baying at the castle gates.

Dark forces converge on Briarwood castle, and Maeve Crawford – science geek, scarred soul, lover of four remarkable men – must draw from herself a power she never imagined in order to protect the shattered remains of her life.

The Castle of Earth and Embers is the first in a brand new steamy reverse harem romance by USA Today bestselling author, Steffanie Holmes. This full-length book glitters with love, heartache, hope, grief, dark magic, fairy trickery, steamy scenes, British slang, meat pies, second chances, and the healing powers of a good cup of tea. Read on only if you believe one just isn’t enough.


Here is a wee excerpt, from Maeve’s first meeting with the guys at her brand new castle.

Corbin led me through an arched doorway at the side of the entrance hall, down a short passage of more screens lit with glowing wrought-iron sconces. We emerged into an enormous room. Ceiling beams crisscrossed above my head, hiding a roof gable that was so high I couldn’t even see it. The walls were covered with a lime wash that had faded in places, revealing patches of bare stone beneath. Tapestries depicting battles and naked dancing sprites hung from every corner, and more swords hung from the walls and beams, and were even slotted through the wrought-iron chandeliers.

A fireplace that was taller than I was stood at one end, with overstuffed couches and beanbag chairs arranged around it. Above the fireplace was an impressive TV screen, with several gaming consoles and controllers strewn across the mat in a tangle of cords.

My eyes were so busy drinking in the splendor of the room that I didn’t even notice the three figures lounging on the couches and talking in low voices until Corbin yelled out, “Look who’s here!”

Three faces whipped around, and my eyes darted between them, not sure where to look first. There was so much to take in.

First of all, like Corbin, they were all fucking gorgeous. I’m talking male model, bodybuilding champion, romance novel cover levels of hotness, and that was with their clothes on.

One hot tenant in my castle was good luck, but four of them? My stomach fluttered. It was like some crazy hedonistic fairy tale. What the hell had I got myself into?

For another thing, they were all grinning at me with beautiful, genuine smiles. They didn’t look as though they thought I was some naive girl from the sticks who they could corrupt. Instead, my first impression was of friendliness and… perhaps something more. Or maybe that was just my own heart fluttering in my chest.

Empathy and kindness lurked in their eyes, and I got the sense that they knew what had happened to me back in the States. The press had been all over it, so anyone who searched my name would’ve been able to stream mobile phone footage of the accident. Somehow, just occupying the same space as them made my breath come a little easier.

A weight I didn’t even realize I’d been holding slipped from my shoulders, and the tiniest amount of pressure was released from my chest. I took a step toward them, and for the first time since the fair and all the tragedy that followed, a smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. I felt… something.

Maybe this whole living in a castle with four hot strangers thing would be exactly what I needed.

“Hi,” I gave one of those awkward half-shrug, half-wave things when you meet new people and don’t know if you should shake their hand or if that makes them think you’re an accountant. “I’m Maeve.”

“Flynn O’Hagan, at your service,” the first guy said with a thick Irish accent as he grabbed my hand, swept into a deep bow, and placed his full lips right against my knuckles. Thick red curls fell over his eyes as he looked up at me. “Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance at last, Maeve Moore.”

Where his lips pressed against my skin, fire whizzed straight down my arm and flared right in my core. I’d never had a guy greet me quite like that before, especially one who looked like Flynn. Sunlight streaming through the high gothic windows caught Flynn’s vibrant red hair, making it glow like a golden halo around his head. But unlike an angel, the glint in his blue eyes was pure devil.

And there was something else about those mischievous eyes, those cheekbones like razors. They felt familiar to me, as though I’d seen them somewhere before. On a movie poster perhaps. Flynn was hot enough to be an actor. But somehow I didn’t think that was it.

My mouth moved, but I couldn’t think of any words. What do you say to a hot Irishman kissing your hand?

Grab your copy of The Castle of Earth and Embers in print or ebook.