January 13, 2013

New Steff Metal Sponsor: The Mort Morgue

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Mort Morgue 2

Part of the reason this blog is in existence is to support people in the scene with their various endeavours, from up-and-coming bands to young fashion designers to artists to everyone in-between. That’s why I offer cheap rates for advertising on steffmetal – so that anyone can have a chance to get their band, product or service in front of discerning metalheads.

And so it gives me great pleasure to welcome the Mort Morgue as an advertiser. The Mort Morgue is a local New Zealand business, based in Hamilton, and run by Morticia Lee, a local lass who is heavily involved in promoting the NZ goth scene. The Mort Morgue is an emporium of dark and unusual curiosities, from handmade jewellery and handbags to gothic dog coats and dreamcatchers. All items for sale are made by Morticia, and custom requests are available.

Mort Morgue 2

You’ll see the Mort Morgue ads appearing on the sidebar on most pages of the site, so please click through and check them out. Advertisers keep this site active and metal t-shirts on my back, and it’s good to support the local scene and small businesses.



Check out their online Facebook album for items currently for sale, and contact Mortician on with any orders. New items are added all the time so it pays to Like the Mort Morgue Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings.