August 9, 2012

New Zealand Metal Gig Guide: August + September 2012

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I’m trying to make NZ Metal gig guides a regular thing on the blog, but so far I’ve been struggling to get my A into G. It doesn’t help that the local Auckland scene is flourishing and we are getting awesome gigs pretty much every week. Not to mention some pretty amazing international acts coming up. Check it out:

International Acts in New Zealand

The biggest news to hit last week was that the wonderful folk at Chaos NZ are bringing over Nightwish for one New Zealand show, at the Studio on K’rd, on Jan 8th 2013. I am absolutely stoked about this, since this is a band I’ve managed to miss on every overseas trip (including being only hours too late to catch them in Brisbane a few years ago). I recommend getting your ticket for this ASAP from the CHAOS NZ website, as they are being snapped up fast.


But if operatic songstresses and classically-inspired symphonic metal aren’t quite your thing, there’s always Steel Panther at the Powerstation on October 2nd. One critic said, “Forget the Mayan prophecy. If Steel Panther ever write a song that doesn’t mention their cocks in some way, we’ll know the apocalypse is here.” It ain’t called Cock Rock for nothing, and this show promises to be hilarious.


And if you’re not too shattered after that epic show, you should head out to see Australian power-metallers LORD, who are touring the country to promote their new release, Digital Lies. My husband’s band Stone Monarch will be support on the Friday night Auckland show, along with the mighty Stormforge, Just One Fix and Sonic Altar. The other shows are:


Awakened Inferno, Stonehurst, Bow Messiah, Sonic Altar and LORD.

OCT 4 / DUNEDIN, NZ / 12 BELOW / 18+
Abstract Survival, Arcacend, Osmium, Sonic Altar and LORD.

Blackleaf Gardens, Red Dawn, Rising Force, Sekht and LORD.

Do NOT miss this. These guys absolutely go OFF live.

And the mighty Fear Factory return to New Zealand to play a show at the Powerstation on Sun 22 September. I’m torn about attending this, because I adore their latest album, the Industrialist, but I’ve bought tickets to the previous TWO shows Fear Factory have tried to play in Auckland, only to have them cancel at the last minute. Third time lucky, perhaps?

And, lastly, this:


I will be there.

Also, the Soundwave 2013 lineup was announced today. I see about 9 bands I’d be kinda, maybe keen to see. So that’s probably a no again for me for this year.

Support New Zealand Metal across the Country

Friday 10th August at the Rising Sun on K’rd, you’ll find Scaphist, Blackleaf Gardens, Dead Teach the Living, Broken Season and Downfall of Humanity.

And if you happen to be in the capital this weekend, don’t miss the Heavy Metal Ninjas, with New Way Home, at Bar Bodega on Sat 11th August.

The Ninjas are also playing The Cabana in Napier on the 17th August, and the 18th August at the Commercial Hotel in Whakatane. As a Hawke’s Bay girl, I say get out to these shows so more bands will come out to play for you.

 Diocletion, BBÖLZER and Winter Deluge on Saturday 1st September at the Thirsty Dog in Auckland. $10 at zee door.

15th September at Thirsty Dog on K’rd you can see Incarnium, The Blacklight Configuration, Fall by Autumn and Idyllic Foe. Fall by Autumn are fronted by my friend Diezal, who is the loveliest chick ever, but wait till you hear her growl. Definitely worth a listen.

And, I know October might be too far in advance for most of you jokers to think about, but Metal Tower are touring. These guys have quite a unique sound – played a few shows with Warbeast back in the day, and have come a long way since then. I recommend checking them out if possible, especially since they’re hitting some of the smaller centres. Check out the Metal Tower Facebook page for updated info.




For the latest news on the NZ metal scene, check out these sites:

NZ metal bands/promoters, if you’ve got any news / releases / gigs coming up, shoot me an email at STEFF AT STEFFMETAL DOT COM, and I’ll do my best to get you in the list. Shout out in the comments if there are any I’ve missed.

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Oliver M
August 9, 2012 at 2:01 am

Whoa Metal Tower are still going?? Rad!! Shit maybe I’ll have to pop along. Hoping to make it to LORD’s show too. Been way too long since I went out to some metal shows and caught up with you lot!

Stoked to see the Warbeast mention! Fond memories indeeeed! ;D

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