November 28, 2011

New Zealand Metal News and Gig Guide: Heresiarch, Ulcerate and Stonerfest 2011

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Time for another list of kiwi metal news and gigs to wet your metal appetites. If any of you missed last week’s list, and are wondering what happened to the Linking Horn, I’m trying to do my bit (however small) in promoting local kiwi metal talent. This NZ Metal News and Gig Guide will go up weekly/fortnightly/whenever the hell I feel like it, and the rest of the time, you’ll get your linking horns and silly fashion articles and reviews and tr00 metal advice and even a few more black metal cats.

There are some mean shows happening this week. Unfortunately, I won’t be at any of them, as I’ve got our annual Metal Christmas Party, and other weekendy-type-plans instead. But if you’re not doing anything, you might like to check out:

ulcerate-auckland-show-decemberNZ’s favorite extreme death metal band Ulcerate are doing a show at the Rising Sun this Friday, 2 December, with Stone Angels and Scaphist. Tickets are $10 bucks on the door.

Speaking of Stone Angels, their Within the Witch unmastered demo is available for mp3 download, and is sounding might raw and grymm.

And, if you’re not completely slaughtered after Friday night, head out to Stonerfest 2011. (Also in anti-Christchurch on 10 December).

steffmetal-stonerfest-2011The Auckland show is over 2 stages at the Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar on K’rd. I’m a big fan of both these venues, although the Wine Cellar is fucking TINY and I’m trying to imagine the scene here. If you like your metal slow and sludgey (and a free BBQ – hopefully non-sludgey) the lineup’s looking great: with The House of Capricorn, Cobra Khan, Arc of Ascent, Shallow Grave, Stone Angels, and the final show from SoulSeller.

Christchurch gets the stoner happiness on the 10th with Left of Right, Cobra Khan, Second Gear Grind, Osmium, Made in China and the Lounge Vibration. This is at The Venue.

You can book tickets for a measly $15 bucks from Under The Radar.

If Stoner metal isn’t your thing, the Coda Lounge (a new westy venue my mates are all RAVING about) have got Just One Fix, Bury the Ordinary, As Colour Fades and some band whose logo I can’t read for $15. We all know Just One Fix are great for a set of classic, chugging riffage, so it will be a good night of headbanging, t’be sure.

And Palmy North is even getting a show this weekend – $10 at the door of the Royal will get you an evening with Draco Aerius, Cephalopod, Rising Force and Hydragore (be nice to these fellas, as it’s their first show).

Heresiarch released their Hammer of Intransigence EP on Nov 3rd. This is blackened death as it should be – uncompromising, intense and brutal as fuck. Check out the Heresiarch Facebook page for more info.

Here’s a little taste of what Heresiarch can deliver:

For the latest news on the NZ metal scene, check out these sites:

NZ metal bands/promoters, if you’ve got any news / releases / gigs coming up, shoot me an email at STEFF AT STEFFMETAL DOT COM, and I’ll do my best to get you in the list.