December 11, 2011

NZ Metal News and Gig Guide: Ulcerate and Diocletion Europe dates, Rites of Abomination and Metal Christmas

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Despite the fact it’s currently pissing down over here (hello, Summer, are you IN there?) and we should all be thinking about beaches and BBQs, there’s still some awesome things happening in the local kiwi metal scene.





Ulcerate have landed a fucking amazing European tour alongside Svart Crown. Hot off their signing to Relapse Records, Ulcerate will be touring 23 cities across Europe in Feb. If you loved the unconventional brutality of their latest album, The War for All Against All, and you happen to be over that way, get along to see Ulcerate. You will not be disappointed. They’ll also be appearing at MDF X in May, with some additional US shows thrown in.

It’s great to see NZ metal bands getting credit and making a name for themselves on the international scene. About bloody time!


Speaking of international festivals, Diocletian will be playing the DeathKult 2012 Open Air festival in Germany on the 19 May, along with Destroyer 666 and a bunch of other bands whose names I can’t read. Apparently the boys are organizing a tour based off this festival, and I shall post details when I learn them.

As for gigs down our way, DO NOT forget to get your ticket to Absu on the 18 Jan at the King’s Arms Tavern. Tickets are only $60, no booking fee, from Chaos NZ. Absu hardly ever play live, so this is going to be a really special show.


And, if you like your metal chaotic, bleak and brutal, the Rites of Abomination festival is going to be a must-see. Aussie bands Impetuous Ritual and Grave Upheaval alongside NZ favorites Witchchrist, Diocletian, Corpsefeast, Sabbatic Goat, Blood of the Moon (and more announcements to come). Rites of Abomination will be from the 17-18 Feb at the Winchester, and tickets will be on sale sometime this month. See Internecion Productions for updates.

If you’ve got no plans for Fri the 23 December except drinking and wrapping your Christmas presents, why not do it at the Coda Lounge in New Lynn, Auckland, with Have Yourself a Heavy Little Christmas. Bands are The Riff Raff (AC/DC Covers), Twisted Metal (assorted metal covers – like a 50c bag of lollies – it’s all good) and Maskara (Glam hilarity). Tickets are $20, BUT it’s BYO. I’ve got four bottles of cider sitting in the cupboard which I’m more than happy to share …

Oh, and THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the NZ Bloggers awards – I came third out of all the music bloggers, which filled my little metal heart with happiness.

And that’s about it for NZ metal news … if you’ve got any you’d like to share, add it in the comments, or shoot me an email.

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