It’s Little Death’s first day at a new school. He’s excited about making new friends, but the other kids don’t like his talent for turning anything he touches into bones. They call him “freak” and “weirdo” and refuse to play with him. 

Little Death runs away to hide but ends up learning something very important about being different.

Written and illustrated by two artists who were victims of bullying themselves, This full-colour 40-page hardcover picture book uses darkly gothic humour to address the very real issue of being different. How do you find a way to get through when people bully you for being who you are?

Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones will help kids remember to celebrate the fact that they are different and unique, and that bullies don’t get to define who you are or who you want to be.

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Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones is a full-colour, high-quality 40-page hardcover picture book telling the story of Little Death and his bullies. It’s illustrated in Bree’s distinctive gothic style, and each page is lavish with details and little things to discover.

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