July 10, 2010

Plunder for Metalhead Chicks

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I’ve got this humungous file of inspirational pictures and fun little things for sale online, so instead of a metal mixtape this week (I know, boo :(), I thought I’d show you all some of these little trinkets, in case you wanted to buy yourself a little something to celebrate it being the middle of the year, or finishing your exams, or … I don’t know, successfully pulling all the wax from you ears.

When I find little things to buy online to share on the blog, I try to look for stuff slightly outside what you might expect a goth or metalhead chick to look at. I don’t like wearing the same things as anyone else, even “of my same subculture” anyone else, so I hope you think some of these things are cool too.

And gentlemen readers, don’t fret, this isn’t going to become a regular feature or anything, just something a little different for my weekend posting.


Flying Arrow Ring, $32, oxidised brass, by Brilliance Found.

Brilliance Found is a seriously cool little shop I stumbled upon just yesterday. It’s full of really funky jewelry – mostly rings. My favorites are the oxidised brass Flying Knuckle Ring (pictured), the Filigre Angle Arches ring, the Floating Brass Butterflies, and the Golden Wings series. Priced from $20US, these rings are just right for a little treat.


Gothic Witch Fortune Teller's Table, US$40, from Midnight Dteams

Midnight Dreams is a seriously rad little shop, full of dollhouse miniatures for the aspiring witch, pagan or occultist.  Yes, definitely a niche market, but I think these little vignettes would look wicked displayed on a shelf in your home, even if you weren’t a dollshouse collector. I think they’d be even cooler if you could add a few suitably-dressed Sylvanian Families figurines (oooh, I had that panda family). Check out the Gothic Witch Spell Hutch and the Witch Party Tea Cart.


Alien, US$47 leather journal by Kreative Ink

I am a sucker for a beautiful blank journal, so I’ve already eyed up these beauties from KreativLink for when my current journal runs out. The one in the picture is Alien, but there’s also Magical, Maschinist and Big Twigs. I love how the designs include the handmade, rough-edged paper and the almost cthulhu’esque tentacle-y designs and clasps.


Viking Chains, from EUR$79, From 4Vikings

This weekend we said goodbye to a good friend and old flatmate who’s off to New England to fix radio transmitters. He’d just found these beautiful chains from the Jord Sweden collection. Made especially to fit Thor’s Hammar pendants, I saw

I am not much of a fan of spending oodles of money on wallets and purses and such, since I am rough on them. But I must admit, the slightly steampunky, elegant designs at Urban Heirlooms have been making me think I could totally love a new wallet with a skeleton key for a lock. Don’t you agree?

This Genteel Wallet is colored “blood orange” which sounds like it would be my favorite color, ever, if only I could see color. And looky, it fits that iPhone inside perfectly! For those who need something a bit more hefty, he sells the same design as a messenger bag, as well as some quite unique and masculine leather cuffs.


Blood Orange Genteel Wallet, $55, from Urban Heirlooms

And, for the lass who can’t let go of hair metal, Blackmilk have recently released a collection of animal-print leggings. I never thought I’d see the day when leggings – especially tiger print leggings – would be hip again, but that time is upon us. I’ve long been debating a pair of their silver spartans or the ecclesiastical Cathedral leggings, but now I’m wondering if I should go straight for the snake print.


Snake, US$60, from Blackmilk Clothing

I have been seeing a lot of acrylic jewelry around lately, and of all the designers I’ve seen, I’m particularly taken with Untamed Menagerie. They cross naturalism with a clear love of the slightly odd. That’s just my kind of thing :) From the skeletony Thoracic, to the inkdrop-inspired Pseudoscience to these cute Nocturnal bat studs, I think pretty much any metal chick would find something to appeal in Untamed Menagerie.


Thoracic, US$18, by Untamed Menagerie

Yours with a “Happy Shopping” smile and a “Save Your Money For Wacken” frown.

4 Comments on “Plunder for Metalhead Chicks

Dana @ Urban Heirlooms
July 17, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Amazing pieces you have here! Thank you for including my skeleton key wallet. (That Flying Arrow ring is hot! I’d probably put my eye out, but it would so be worth it! lol)

July 17, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Some great things you’ve found here. Am happy that my journal is one of them, thanks! :)

Talia Felix
July 12, 2010 at 7:31 pm

I was looking at that fortune teller table and thought “Only $40? Wow, that’s a good deal for furniture like that!” Then I realized it was dollhouse furniture.

Louise Curtis
July 12, 2010 at 1:05 am

I awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award today :) You deserve it.


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