February 24, 2019

Post-scriptum: Birthday shenanigans

Post Scriptum

This is my supposed-to-be-weekly-but-I-always forget post of what I’m reading, listening to, and digging.

In my ears: The new Beast in Black album, From Hell With Love. It is so 80s and so amazing.

Reading: Because I’m in the middle of writing Pride and Premeditation, I am re-reading Pride and Prejudice to get the feeling right. I’m also still slogging through Deborah Harkness’ All Souls trilogy. The books are amazing, but they are so very, very LONG.

Writing: Pride and Premeditation, Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries book 3. I’m 14,000 words in, which is about 1/4. I’m also working on my presentation for the Canberra Women’s Writers Festival.

Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine. Because we needed a laugh this week.

On the farm: I’ve been harvesting piles of tomatoes from the garden every few days, and making jars of tomato sauce and pasta sauce. My neighbour gave me piles of passionfruit, which I made into cheesecakes, and sapote, which I have no idea what to do with.

Tomorrow, our lambs go to slaughter. It’s always a sad day, but it’s important I think to be part of the food cycle in this visceral way. If you eat meat, you have to be aware that this happens and okay with it.

Loving: it’s my birthday! I am 34. That feels like a scarily-high number, but I think I’m going to like being 34. \m/ I had a birthday party on Saturday. It was quite small, but all the best people were there and we had so much fun and I drank so much cider. WHY SO MUCH CIDER WHY. I may have also given a dramatic reading of a sex scene from A Dead and Stormy Night, because apparently after copious amounts of cider I’m very suggestible. \m/ holiday plans – we are shooting paintballs at each other in tanks! And visiting the Jurassic coast! And staying in a library! And WACKEN! I cannot wait. \m/ homemade passionfruit cheesecake YUSS. \m/ It’s my birthday so I’ll have as many roast potatoes as I like. \m/ When you are hungover from drinking all the cider and your husband cleans the whole house and cooks your hangover breakfast :) \m/ Readers cannot stop talking about Of Mice and Murder! I think it was much better than book 1, and I am having so much fun with this series I’m not sure I ever want it to end. \m/ Ginanigans and Alestorm last week! Awesome show as usual, and great lake-times and chicken deliciousness with friends. “This soju tastes like nerds!” \m/ Plans and projects coming together for 2019 and 2020. I’ve got some insanely exciting announcements, but they have to wait, so I resort to the vague-posting. \m/ Bookshelves – they are getting stained now and they’re about 1/4 done. My office is now in the hallway – never a dull moment at our castle :)

That’s my week so far. What about yours?