November 13, 2015

Post-scriptum: Black Milk, Eastwick Witches, and Cthulhu for President

Post Scriptum, Steff

steff metal halloween cthulhu

steff metal halloween cthulhu

My halloween costume: Cthulhu’s presidential campaign manager. Skirt and crop top from Black Milk Clothing, leggings from Sophireaptress. Octopus hair clip from Steampunk Couture.

In my ears: The new Draconian album, Sovran. They’ve gone in a really doom direction, instead of the more symphonic aspects of their last couple of releases, and I think it’s a welcome change.

Reading: Rebecca, by Daphne De Maurier. And, of course, still plugging away on House of Leaves. I am on a huge gothic novel kick at the moment, so I think I’ll write up a list of some of my favourites. Would you like that?

Writing: I am sort of, kind of, a little bit attempting NaNo – 50k words this month, to get a solid draft of Coven finished. But it’s difficult because I need to edit both Man in Black and Thorn for release in December. So far I’m nearly at 20k words for the month. Boy am I going to be glad when these three projects are done and I can start to focus on ONE BOOK AT A TIME.

Watching: Just saw The Witches of Eastwick movie for the first time. My, but that was different from the book! A really cool movie, though. I liked everyone’s hair.

On the farm: As soon as I finish writing this, I have to go down to the paddock to give the sheep a haircut. They’re getting pretty hot in the sun, so they’re going to be so grateful!

cthulhu for president halloween

I made some campaign flyers as part of my costume to hand out at the party.

Loving: \m/ halloween shenanigans – first, performing an awesome halloween wedding for a rad couple, then going to a party, then back to a friend’s house for drinks and fire rituals by the bonfire. \m/ my new Black Milk Clothing threads – I am now officially a fangirl. No more clothes shopping for me for the rest of the year. \m/ The floor being done on our house! Walls come next :) \m/ Hitting the town with good friends tonight, including dinner at one of my fave restaurants and an absinthe cocktail called Hemingway, that appeals to me on many different levels. \m/ ALESTORM NEXT WEEKEND \m/ Epica show being announced in March. \m/ My work possibly sending me to the US for an exciting conference. \m/ Going to see all the things at the Pop-Up Globe next year, including Titus Andronicus in a Lord’s Box (we splurged) \m/ Husband making me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. \m/ Cat silliness. \m/ Caramel milkshakes and dates by myself with a good book \m/ Making silly Facebook events that make people happy \m/ Going to see my amazing BFF Andy on the ferry and getting free drinks on board and seeing two ORCAS \m/ Teaching writing classes and hanging with cool folk \m/ Giant sausage roll. \m/ making a perfect omelette.

So that’s my life. How is yours?

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