January 1, 2015

Post-scriptum: Bring it on, 2015 \m/

Post Scriptum

art of asking still life

Welcome to my first blog post of 2015.

I’m already feeling big things for this year. My husband and I just finished our rough plans for the extension to our house (our so-called “Great Hall”), and we’re excited about that getting started this year. I also feel as if 2015 is the year I “make it” as a writer … at least, here’s hoping. Plus, I’m off to Peru for a month on another adventure, and maybe a few other locations besides. I’m feeling very inspired and invigorated at what 2015 has in store.

The last couple of days have been spent unwinding after my family visiting over Christmas – went up north with friends to camp and sim and explore Waipu caves. Now I’m back in my comfiest chair, writing away and bringing some new ideas I’ve been thinking about into my next book.

In my ears: A summer soundtrack of old favourites – Priest, Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Hammerfall … just good, chillaxing metal. My friend Glenn made this wicked 90s playlist for our NYE party, and it was fun listening to all those old 90s alt rock radio hits we all grew up on.

Reading: Currently, Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking. Palmer is a profoundly interesting study, as she is so utterly polarising, and so many people hate her for shit that has nothing to do with the art she creates. I’m really enjoying her book so far, especially the glimpse into her life and how she became the person that is Amanda Palmer today, and how she pulls together the threads of her life into a manifesto for artists everywhere. A full review of this to follow once I’ve finished it.

Writing: I am buried in Gauge War edits, and planning my writing schedule for 2015. Can I finish the entire Engine Ward trilogy AND write a new dystopian novel AND a young adult witchy novella in 2015? Watch me try.

Watching: I got my husband the complete series of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD for Christmas, so that is us for the new few months.

On the Land: Weather is crazy right now – it’s so hot that it gets too uncomfortable to work outside by about 9:30am. We’ve been getting up at 6:30am to pour concrete and lay blocks to finish this little garden we’re building. It’s one of those little projects that has morphed into this huge great monolith. Here’s hoping we’ll be done soon!

Also, de-miting the chicken coop, and getting ready for the arrival of our new kitty.

Loving: Exploring the Waipu caves – crouching in a low cave and seeing the glow worms right above our heads. Talking about art and music and shit with friends and solving the world’s problems. Angus steak. My new caving headlamp – it’s going to be very handy on my Peru trip. Living in this beautiful, lush country and being able to enjoy it. Seeing my family for Christmas and getting to hang with my little nephew & niece. Feeding the chickens with my nephew. Playing 500 with my family. Building my dream house, phase 2! Finally getting around to compiling my best of 2014 music list. Watching my next novel beginning to come together. Excited for epic concerts this year. Making plans and pushing limits.

What about you? What are you enjoying this week? How is your holiday treating you?