February 7, 2018

Post-scriptum: Carpeting the great hall, reading about physics, and going crazy, mad, insane.

Post Scriptum, Steff

steffmetal great hall

steffmetal great hall

In my ears: So who else is going nuts for Beserker by Beast in Black? I have not been this excited about a power metal release since … well, since the second Battle Beast album. There’s some pretty polarising reviews about it online, and I get it – how much cheese is too much cheese is a very personal line. For me, this NAILS the cheese level, with so much killer music and excellent vocals that the fact it’s about an anime and there’s a song called Zodd The Immortal don’t really register. ‘Crazy Mad Insane’ is objectively terrible, and is also the song I’m thrashing during all my workouts at the moment.

Reading: Arrival (short story collection) by Ted Chiang, and The First Fifteen Lives of Harry Harry August, by Claire North, both of which are brilliant and kind of warping my mind. Is it weird that I’m reading two books that deal quite heavily with human consequences of theoretical physics while also writing a book where the main character tries to resolve everything strange happening to her through theoretical physics?

Writing: The aforementioned book. You will be hearing more about this book VERY VERY SOON. It is the first book in a new series and I am so excited about it.

Watching: The weather has been a bit meh and whenever the weather is a bit meh I crave British crime dramas. They must be British and they must be either really gritty or kind of cosy. Since we already rewatched every episode of Midsomer Murders, we’ve been nailing a series called Babylon, which is hilarious, and a series called The Fall, which is the opposite of hilarious but also exquisitely scripted, acted, and shot.

On the Farm: A friend gave us some tagasaste trees he’s grown from seeds. These trees make an excellent shelter belt and fodder trees, so we took them gratefully. This means I need to dig many holes for said trees. My arms are sore, but holes have been dug!

Also, WE HAVE CARPET. The Great Hall looks awesome now. All we need is a drainlayer to come and hook the house to our water system, and a plumber to come and install the taps, and basically we’re done. It feels pretty incredible. I can’t wait to show you some proper pictures once I’ve got some more interior design details sorted out.

Loving: CARPET. So warm and snuggly \m/ Nelson sleeping on my feet every night. \m/ The fact that getting the carpet meant my husband finally got his half-finished train module out of my office \m/ watching All The Stations on Youtube and planning travels for 2019 \m/ Taking myself out to lunch \m/ Bang Bang Cauliflower. OMG, where have you been all my life? \m/ Lindt salted caramel balls \m/ making bento boxes for our lunches – so much fun! \m/ getting loads of free cucumbers from the neighbours and loading the cupboards up with cucumber pickles \m/ Another hiking adventure coming up really soon \m/ putting in an CreativeNZ grant application for the children’s book I wrote and the wonderful Bree Roldan illustrated. :) \m/ WE BOUGHT A HATSTAND. \m/ finally getting all the artwork we purchased framed and on the walls \m/ Choosing curtain fabrics on the internet – so many glorious options. \m/ my new chocolate cheesecake recipe. \m/ planning a whole week of birthday celebrations JUST BECAUSE.

That’s me. What are you up to this week?

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March 7, 2018 at 10:29 pm

Wow, your hall looks AMAZING!
I have to disagree with you about the Beast in Black album. It was good for a start but it annoys me now; the only good thing about it is that it was written for Battle Beast, and for a female vocalist, and I still (between Beast in Black and the nouvelle Battle Beast) prefer the old Battle Beast releases, written by the guy behind Beast in Black.

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