August 6, 2016

post-scriptum: that week I cut my hair off

Post Scriptum, Steff

steffmetal short hair

steffmetal short hair

So, it looks like my headbanging days are over.

That’s right. I cut off my hair, that I’ve been growing for about ten years. I was pretty nervous when I sat down in the hairdresser’s chair, but after the first snip I was smiling. I love the way it looks now, and I feel so light and free and strange. It’s very Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG1, but I love it.

Here are some other things I’ve been doing.

In my ears: I’ve been thrashing a ton of Abney Park this week. Weird steampunk western music, ahoy!

Reading: I have discovered a new author obsession. H Y Hanna writes the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries, a series of cosy mysteries set in Oxford, England, where tearoom owner Gemma and her cat Muesli solve increasingly strange crimes. The first book is A Scone to Die For. The writing is so engaging, and the books are hilarious. They contain everything I love – English baking, murder, Oxford and cats. I read all four books in the series in a week, am just finishing up the prequel, (which is currently free, so grab it!) and am anxiously awaiting the next book in September.

Writing: I have completed 56,000 words of Petrified City, the book I’m co-writing with Lindsey R Loucks. I’m estimating around 20,000 words to go, so we’re getting close! We’re starting to work on the cover and launch strategy, too. I’m very excited, as I haven’t had a release under my fantasy name – S. C. Green – since I released Thorn back in March.

I am also 10,000 words into a werewolf shapeshifter novel under my romance name, Steffanie Holmes. This one is set on an archaeological excavation, and so far it is lots of fun!

Watching: We finished Star Trek: Voyager and I LOVE it. So much. But I really wanted to know what happened to everyone on the crew AFTER they returned to earth. Now we are re-watching all the episodes of Sherlock. Sigh of happiness. Also, saw two movies this week I adored: Starman and True Grit. I am now a big Jeff Bridges fan. True Grit might be my new favourite revisionist Western.

On the farm: WE HAVE LAMBS. So many lambs. 11 lambs. They are so cute and they prance everywhere and have little black kneepads and splotches.

We have a lot of chores to do, but the weather has been very prohibitive, so mostly we’ve been trying to do a lot of inside work.

Loving: Last weekend we hosted 14 friends for a midwinter feast. There was mead, cider, 5-hour slow-cooked roast lamb, port, and SO MUCH CHEESE. I love my friends for coming all the way out to our place and making things like this so much fun. \m/ Went to Chop Chop in Ponsonby with my friend Samface on Friday night – it is a whisky and noodle bar, which sounds like a thing that doesn’t work, but it does. Oh boy but it does. If you go, get the beef brisket bun. You’re welcome. \m/ Looking at all my friends’ photos from Wacken on Facebook. Feeling a bit sad we’re not there, but also feeling stoked that everyone is enjoying themselves and remembering all the awesome times. \m/ Being excited about all the fun things I’ve got going on for the rest of the year. I am one of those people who always needs to be planning something and looking forward to something. And this year there’s so much stuff to plan \m/ I just booked accommodation for my trip to the South Island, including staying in a hostel in Christchurch that was once an old prison. \m/ I have some BIG NEWS that I can’t post until next week, but I am still doing a Snoopy Dance about it. \m/ Writing a fun article about weird questions I get asked about being a writer. Got any questions? I can add them. \m/ Romance Writers of New Zealand conference next weekend! Eeeee! I get to meet Keri Arthur and I have to present two workshops and talk to all the other writers and it’s a bit scary but also really exciting.

I think that’s it for me. What about you?

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