April 10, 2015

Post-Scriptum: Finnish rock, gothic novels, and easter shenanigans

Post Scriptum

steff metal candles gothic books

steff metal candles gothic books

This week’s post-scriptum is late, on account of I had shit to do.

In my ears: Indica’s 2014 Shine album. I really enjoy their English songs, but I think it’s cool that they’re going back to only singing and performing in Finnish.

Reading: Amanda M. Bell’s Wicked Witches of the Midwest series. It’s quite hilarious. I’m also reading up on some gothic novels, as I’m thinking I’d like to write one of my own.

Writing: Finished part 1 of a 3-part project early this week. I’m now 6143 words into part 2, as well as continuing to edit The Gauge War, which I hope to have to my beta readers by the end of May. It’s a busy couple of months for me, writing-wise.

Watching: We’re still running through Castle episodes. It seems to me like the writers know this season is the last one, so they’re using up all their craziest ideas while they can.

On the Farm: This weekend we got our homekill lamb back from the butcher. Our two freezers are packed! Yesterday I made a mediterranean orzo dish with lamb’s necks, cooked for 3 hours with tomatoes, capsicum and herbs from the garden, and served with steamed broccoli and some homemade bread. It was divine. I’m also planting the autumn crops – tons of broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and kohlrabi. Yum!

Loving: Easter weekend has been wonderful. In New Zealand we get a four-day weekend over Easter, and many people go out of the city, as it’s often one of the last nice weather weekends of the year. We, however, already live in paradise, so there doesn’t seem much need. On Friday we went to a lovely wedding where I married two wonderful friends to each other, and we ate and drank and saw hilarious chickens, on Saturday we had a long lunch with my in-laws at the Riverhead Tavern, followed by a BBQ/party with the bogan clan. The last two days have been all about getting farm chores done, cleaning the house, going for long walks and getting writing done. This weekend I was meant to be conquering the Tongariro Crossing, with my mum and aunt, but the wind is too strong, so we’re going in a few weekends time. Instead, we’ve got our friend Jen over for dinner tonight. More lamb! And I’m going to walk to a secret beach tomorrow, if the weather is good.

So that is my week. What about yours?

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2 Comments on “Post-Scriptum: Finnish rock, gothic novels, and easter shenanigans

April 12, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Thank YOU for reading. My favourite thing about writing this blog is meeting and chatting with other awesome metal heads across the world – especially all those female fans who are often hiding in the woodwork. I hope you stick around \m/

An Old Metal Chick
April 12, 2015 at 12:12 pm

I just want to say “Thank you” to you for your blog. It’s so rare to find a woman these days, into the sort of metal you write about and love. It seems we have become quite rare. ‘Maybe always were. I look forward to new posts from you, and am really enjoying catching up on the previous ones. Thank you so much.

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