October 9, 2018

Post scriptum: geeky wedding, imminent adventures, and the return of my chickens

Concerts & Grog Fests, Post Scriptum

geeky wedding ceremony

geeky wedding ceremony

Last weekend I had the honour of performing a geeky wedding ceremony for my friend Jamie and their partner Anna. This is likely the last wedding I’ll ever perform as a NZ marriage celebrant, and I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and fun couple to go out on!

My friend Amy from Northwic also made Jamie’s jacket, and she’s now creating a range of tailored clothing for men and also for women/gender non-binery folk, so hit her up if you need something custom and amazing.

This is post-scriptum, which is my semi-regular blog post about some of the stuff I’m reading and listening to and doing at the moment.

Listening: A friend introduced me to Heilung and I’ve been addicted ever since. If you like Wardruna, give ’em a listen.

Reading: Right now, I’m all about the gothics – this collected edition of Wuthering Heights/Jane Eyre, and Consort of Fire, the fourth book in Eva Chase’s Witch’s Consorts series I wrote about here.

Watching: Old episodes of Have I Got News For You on Youtube.

On the farm: It’s sheep shearing week this week. Also, we planted 65 trees for a shelter belt and did a lot of clean-up. I’m currently going through our ‘junk room’ and putting stuff we don’t use up for sale, and we’re just trying to get our lives in order and finish little jobs around the house in preparation for summer.

Loving: We just bought our plane tickets for Europe and I am mega-excited. We got a crazy-good special, which means more money to spend on black t-shirts. \m/ making chocolate fondant for desserts at home and feeling like a million dollars \m/ my silly cats. Boudica has decided she loves people now and so we’ve got three of them piled on the bed every night and two sleep on my feet most of the day. \m/ OUR CHICKENS ARE LAYING IN THEIR COOP AGAIN OMG. You have no idea how nice it is to have fresh eggs again. No more freeloading chickens. \m/ Opeth at Wacken. \m/ Readers messaging me to say how much they appreciated my books, and especially the POC characters and the way they were portrayed. Obviously, I’m writing outside my experience for those characters, so it means a LOT when I hear from readers with that experience that I got it right. \m/ Online shopping at all my favourite gothy stores for a big reader giveaway (details soon!).

That’s what I’ve been loving lately, what about you?