July 26, 2018

Post-scriptum: ghosts, bookshops, and ginanigans in Taupo.

Post Scriptum, Tr00 Metal Life

Steffmetal with friends in taupo

Steffmetal with friends in taupo

In my ears: The new Ghost album Prequelle and Eluveite’s Evocation II: Pantheon.

Reading: See: Things I’m Reading in July. Just finished The Silent Companions. LOVED IT. Laura Purcell is now a one-click author for me. Also, I started Shaun Bythell’s Diary of a Bookseller, which is a non-fiction book about Shaun’s experiences as a grumpy Scottish git running the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland. Not quite Black Books level of funny, but it’s definitely got the giggles.

Writing: I’m frantically trying to finish The Castle of Wind and Whispers. This book has ended up a bit shorter than the others (around 70k I think, instead of my usual 90k words), but it just means book 5 will be even more meaty.

I’ve also just finished a rewrite/tidy up of the script for Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones – we were waaaaaay over the allotted page count, so I needed to tighten things up. I’m going to get a pre-order page set up soon so those who didn’t get a chance to back the Kickstarter can pre-order the book.

I’m also struggling with what to write after I finish the Briarwood series. I’ve got two book 1s in new series that I’ve started and keen to get on with, but I just had this crazy cool idea that’s niggling at me and I want to write it so bad, but it might have to wait until next year. Sigh.

Watching: We just finished Weeds and the latest season of Midsomer Murders. Weeds was… hmmm. I loved the quirky humour and ridiculous characters in the first three seasons, but after that, it went to a bit of a dark place, and I felt like it never really got back again.

On the farm: the Cantankerous Drummer Husband is finishing jobs around the house (and creating new jobs, because that’s how he rolls), like painting our ensuite and tiling the buttery. I have started tackling an epic job I’ve been putting off for four years – sorting the junk in our upstairs bedroom and getting rid of all the stuff we don’t use. So far I have made $155 selling stuff, including a computer that doesn’t work, and I’m barely 1/4 of the way through the room. I’m feeling good!

Also, we have four new baby lambys! They’re so cute!

Loving: Last weekend I road-tripped down to Taupo with my friend Amy (of Northwic fame) to see our friend Sam. We had the best girls weekend – lots of gin and gossip, bushwalks and burgers, hot pools and hugs. My favourite new lines – “I like my tea bags like I like my belly buttons – innie.” and “Have you heard of this show called Vikings?”

On the way down Amy and I also did a side-mission to visit the Be Persuaded Jane Austen costume exhibit at the Waikato Museum. Totally free and really interesting – I recommend having a squizz if you get the chance!

Other things I’m digging – only two weeks until the Romance Writers of NZ conference! I’d better hop to it and write my workshop. \m/ Booking travel through Romania, Hungary, and Czech Republic for next year, and counting down until we can buy 2019 Wacken tickets – because we know how to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary in style \m/ Whittakers Dark Salted Caramel chocolate. I could eat all of you. \m/ My silly cats being silly. \m/ Midsomer Murders in front of a roaring fire while the wind and rain howl outside. \m/ People contacting me about exciting new writing opportunities. \m/ planning the bookshelves I’m getting my husband and Dad to make for my office (they might tell me to go to hell once they see the design, but a girl should always aim high). \m/

And I have some BIG EXCITING NEWS I can’t tell you yet but I am dying and I hope I can tell you soon because it’s hard to tell big exciting news when you are dead.

That’s my week, what about yours?