May 8, 2015

Post-Scriptum: Gone Girl, Venus & Chilli Fries

Post Scriptum

steffmetal killstar

steffmetal killstar

I am wearing Killstar Ankh hooded dress (not stocked anymore, but this one is similar). Photo by Davida Spence. Editing – Erin Prichard.

In my ears: Battle Beast’s Unholy Saviour. If you’re into traditional heavy/power metal and haven’t heard this band, you need to. Immediately.

Reading: CDH has been away on work for the week. On his travels he came across an awesome secondhand bookstore, where he purchased me a beginners guide to astronomy and reading star charts, which I am slowly working my way through.

Writing: Oh, so many things. I was reading this week about a rare mental illness where people believe they are made of glass, and my mind is whirring out a story about that. But I don’t have a place in the schedule to start it until, oh, late 2016. Sigh.

Watching: We had a romantic evening at home on Friday night, curled up on the couch in front of the fire, and watched Gone Girl. I know, nothing says romance like ‘Oh my god my fucked-up wife is trying to frame me.”

On the Farm: The new chicken coop bits have arrived – now it’s just up to us to put it all together. It’s been raining the last couple of days, which has been filling up our water tank nicely. As always, there is more planting and weeding in the garden to do.

Loving: Going to see my family next week! \m/ Owning my writing goals for the month of May \m/ Only two months until I leave for PERU! \m/ Choosing my new fireplace (it is bright red and fabulous) \m/ Getting fun things in the mail \m/ When wonderful friends get engaged (congrats Amy & Tony!) and throw fun parties \m/ Running an awesome giveaway with Gallery Serpentine (seriously, get thee and enter!) \m/ chilli fries and chocolate pudding \m/ ordering quail and pheasant from the butcher \m/ winning against my husband in chess \m/ finding the Orion constellation through my telescope.

So that is my week – how about yours?