October 7, 2017

Post-scriptum: filthy hobbitses, tales of handmaids, and the beauty of a good night’s sleep

Post Scriptum

Hobbiton steffmetal

Hobbiton steffmetal

Look where I went last weekend! This is my third visit to Hobbiton (the first was full of shenanigans, and you can read all about it), and I was lucky enough to be the officiant for a beautiful wedding for a couple of seriously cool people. My friend Jess was my chauffeur for the weekend, and we had an awesome road-trip filled with excellent food, Jeff Wayne’s Musical War of the Worlds, Southfarthing cider, and a gloriously blissful early night’s sleep on incredibly comfortable beds courtesy of our AirBNB hosts.

Hobbiton is a pretty magical place. Rarely do I watch a movie and feel as though it captures the vision of what I see in my head when I read. But the movie Hobbiton really does, and LoTR are so beloved to me that it feels very intimate and personal, even though it very obviously isn’t. I feel very … at home there. And the cider definitely helps.

Sometimes, I feel like my life is part of a fairy tale #blessed.

Hobbiton steffmetal

Enough of that. On with the things!

In my ears: I’ve been thrashing this playlist from the series Longmire. Omigod, so much good southern rock and blues and just damn good stuff. When I feel like metal, I pretty much haven’t turned off Opeth and Flreshgod Apocalypse all year, but I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop recently alongside this playlist. (I know, I know, don’t shoot me).

Reading: I’m currently reading three books at the same time. (Why? I don’t know. My attention span is gnat-like at the moment). 1. The entire Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead – SO GOOD (the Slavic roots for her mythology made me pick up Vampire Academy a few months ago, and now I am ADDICTED. 2. October, China Meiville’s history of the Russian Revolution. EVEN BETTER. Mad, by Chloe Esposito, about an evil twin who … well, is horrifically evil. This book is so crazy and wacky and filled with despicable characters you can’t help but love.

Hobbiton steffmetal

Writing: I am currently finishing the final Wolves of Crookshollow book, Wedding the Wolf. I am enjoying it but at the same time, I just want it done, because the first book in a brand new vampire series is also nearly complete and it is calling to me. AND the final Wraith book. I need to finish that. So many projects, so little free time.

Watching: I’ve finished watching The Handmaid’s Tale, which I adore, for obvious reasons. May write more about it later. I’ve also recently finished Harlots (OMG, watch this, it’s so good), Annie with an E (cried from beginning to end), and The Defenders (only good because Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were in it). Oh, and this old British comedy called Yes Minister that is quite hilarious. I’ve been hiding from the world a bit lately and indulging in a lot of TV. Sometimes you just need it, you know?

On the farm: We are still painting the interior of the Great Hall. Well, CDH is painting, I am frantically doing freelance work to pay for the paint. We are going to be finished with nearly everything by Christmas, and then I will finally take some nice pictures and show you all what we’ve been doing.

I am currently designing some bookshelves for my office that I’m getting made next year. I cannot tell you how excited I am. My office/library is the first room I’m going to complete the interior design on. I have so many ideas. SO MANY.

My freeloading chickens have finally started laying eggs again. They stopped laying eggs for four months. Or they’ve been laying eggs where I can’t find them. Either way, they’re bastards. But now they’re behaving, so I’m not making chicken soup.

Loving: Thinking up crazy schemes and art projects and actually maybe making them happen \m/ applying for ALL THE THINGS \m/ Feeling as though I might be writing the book that will make my career \m/ perfecting my lemon meringue pie recipe \m/ having neighbours over for lunch \m/ planning for all the travelling I’m doing over the next six months (currently leaving the city seven times in total … yikes) \m/ going to Hobbiton \m/ checking my email every day in the hopes a publisher has contacted me \m/ Corner Burger in Mt. Eden \m/ Seeing all my cats snuggling in the same room (we even had all four of them sleeping on the bed last night for the first time ever. Hooray for progress). \m/ Seriously epic plans for next year \m/ Waiting 25 minutes to get a free burger … actually, I didn’t love that, as the burger was nice but not worth 25 minutes wait, BUT I did learn some very interesting things about what people do for hobbies (religiously follow their favourite restaurants on FB and memorise the menus and travel all over the country just to try their new menus) from people in the line. \m/ Jeff Wayn’s Musical War of the Worlds. I am addicted. \m/ volunteering at The Voice of Our Soul event on 19th October – if you’re in Auckland you should totally come along to support it. \m/ Going to a toga party next week! \m/

That’s my week. What about yours?

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