September 5, 2015

Post-scriptum: House of Leaves and House of Mead

Post Scriptum

house of leaves

house of leaves

I’ve had one of those awesome crazy-productive weeks this week, where pretty much everything on my insane to-do list actually got done. Here are a few of the highlights:

In my ears: I’ve been thrashing the Rotting Christ catalogue because, well, they are awesome. Also, Ghost’s new album, Meliora, which I will review soon but suffice it to say that in this metalhead’s humble opinion it is the best album they’re produced yet.

Writing: This week I finished the edited draft of my upcoming paranormal historical romance, Witch Hunter (which can be pre-ordered now). It’s with the editor right now. I am rather excited about this book, I must say. I am now 13,000 words into my next romance novel – a gothic romance set in the Crookshollow world that will come out in time for Halloween – as well as slogging through edits for The Gauge War, a book I am so thoroughly sick of the sight of I basically want it out in the world so I can forget it ever happened. I’m looking at the end of October on that, too. So writing-wise, I am keeping busy!

Reading: I have taken up an ambitious project and am working my way through House of Leaves. So far, I’m finding the whole concept fascinating, although it’s definitely a slow-read. The author is clearly impressed by his own cleverness, but he did create this whole crazy thing, so I think he has the right to be.

Watching: We finished watching Inspector Morse and are looking to get our hands on some Midsomer Murders episodes. Also, watched Intersteller last night, which I actually watched on the plane to Peru but enjoyed it so much I wanted to see it again. I think it is the best space movie ever created, the story is just amazing and the whole film is pretty intense.

On the Farm: Lots is happening here – our new chickens are only a couple of weeks away from arriving, so this weekend we finished putting together the chicken coop. We had a kitset shed delivered, which is to be CDH’s workshop until we can get an actual garage/workshop space (probably several years away). The council have, in their infinite wisdom, given us permission to start building our extension, so I’m calling contractors and getting quotes on materials and lining things up ready to start next weekend.

And, I laid down a new batch of mead – 30L following the Secret Irish Mead Recipe. This will be ready in time for my husband’s 40th birthday next year.

Loving: Being excited about having a real kitchen \m/ the satisfying bubble of my mead batch \m/ cats being silly \m/ FINALLY getting our sheep to co-operate and go through the fence to their new paddock of fresh, lovely grass. Now our paddocks will have a chance to recover. \m/ my Dad coming up in a week to start our new house! \m/ AetherCon next weekend – I am so excited to dress up funky and meet some awesome readers. I’ve even got a prize draw to win a Kindle and a handmade steampunk kindle cover if you visit my stall \m/ Being inside with warmth and cat and chocolate during epic crazy storms \m/ meeting new babies and seeing friends grow and become amazing parents \m/ planning our next epic metal adventure (hint, it involves a rather large boat!) \m/ catching up with my friend Erin over Yum Cha \m/ planting new trees, which will hopefully grow quickly so instead of looking out on our neighbour’s house, we see green leafy happiness. \m/ mead. mead. MEAD \m/

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That’s my week, how about yours?

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