December 11, 2014

post scriptum: Instance of the Fingerpost, Nick Cave, and Spirit Photograhy

Post Scriptum

instance of the fingerpost

instance of the fingerpost

Following from some advice and ideas I gathered during the Auckland Blogcademy last weekend, I’m doing a bit of revamping here on the blog. Actually, a crapton of revamping. Early next year there will be a new, quite drastically different design, and I’m going to streamline the blog categories and make it easier to find stuff you’re interested in, as well as fix the stupid RAM issue that’s been affecting the site all year.

I’m also going to be posting more frequently, and I’ll be adding some new categories. And post scriptum is one of them. One of the things I’ve been asked for is more stuff about my life; what I’m reading, listening to, doing on my land, etc, so I’m combining it all into this new column. I called it post scriptum because it’s something I compile at the end of the week, after all my writing. It will go up weekly, probably on a Friday, and is a bit of a short-n-sweet roundup of everything I’m watching, reading, listening to, and doing over the week.

So, here you go:st

In my ears: I am being a bit boring this week, playing Push the Sky Away, And No More Shall We Part and The Good Son over and over again after the Nick Cave concert on Sunday. I’m still reeling from the awesomeness. With a brief break to review some of the albums in C. Haze’s NZ Metal Favourites of 2014 list: Diocletion’s Gesundrian, Exordium Mors’ The Apothiosis of Death and House of Capricorn’s Morning Star Rise being among my favourites for the year.

Reading: An Instance of the Fingerpost, by Ian Pears. CDH and I went down to a Lion’s Club second-hand book fair last weekend – always dangerous (this time we nearly walked away with a complete series of Harvard Classics) – and got a stack of books. This was one I chose. It’s a complex historical mystery set in 17th century Oxford, featuring many prominent historical figures as characters. Four characters give their accounts of a murder mystery, and each one is an unreliable narrator. It’s beautifully written and expertly woven together, and I’m less than 70 pages in and hooked. The title comes from an obscure line from one of Bacon’s texts. I see the author has another series of Art History detective novels, which I’ll probably look at at some point.

Writing: I am at 120/400 pages of edits on The Gauge War, the Engine Ward book 2, before it goes to my beta readers – the goal is to have it to them by the end of December for a March/April release. I’m also releasing a short novella before Christmas, which I’m excited about, and working on a couple of secret projects I may or may not tell you about one day.

Watching: My husband has been away for work for much of this week, so I’ve been catching up on Midnight Archive episode I missed. Spirit Photography was particularly interesting.

On the Land: This week we are laying concrete and building a block wall to create a retaining wall around our little red gardening shed, which will incorporate my first couple of raised garden beds! I am very excited about this as I have strawberry plants in the greenhouse that are crying out for more room.

I’ve also done a ton of weeding and have been laying some mulch mats and clearing away thistles around the trees we planted last month.

We also put up our Christmas tree. Socrates has been fascinated by it, and has proceeded to strip the bottom 2/3rds of all decorations, which he has hidden throughout the house like a Christmas treasure hunt.

In the Kitchen: It’s ginger beer time! We’re getting our bug set up this weekend, so we can start making ginger when we get off work. Can’t wait!

Loving: I had an INSANE but amazing weekend – first our work Christmas do, where I won millions in fake money on the blackjack tables and lost it all on a roulette game. There were topless waiters, though, so that made up for it. Spent two days at the Blogcademy, which will get a full post when I get access to the photos, but was pretty damn amazing, had stunning eggs bene with Stacey and a catch up, went for a yummy Mexican dinner with my friend John, where we ate many things and shared some sangria, and then went to Nick Cave with Sam.

This weekend is our group’s annual “metal Xmas party” – and, as usual, CDH and I have a special surprise for all up our sleeve. I really want to show some photographs, because it’s INSANE, but it will give the surprise away, so you’ll just have to wait till next week.

Oh, and we are getting a new kitten in January! Her name is Eleanor and she’s an Abyssianian. We’re going to go visit her again on Saturday.

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What about you? How is your week shaping up?

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