December 18, 2014

Post Scriptum: Knightriders, Hobbits and Ginger Beer

Post Scriptum, Tr00 Metal Life

steffmetal lord of the rings

steffmetal lord of the rings

In my ears: This week I’m trying to catch up on all those amazing albums that came out this year that, for whatever reason, I have neglected to explore. Currently I’m digging Gazelle Twin’s Unflesh and the new Dragonforce album. A friend also introduced me to Lana Del Rey, who I can’t believe I’ve never heard before. Been thrashing Born to Die all week. Whew, she’s amazing!

Reading: Brushing up on Tolkien-lore before the Hobbit tonight!

Writing: Hard at work on edits for The Gauge War, same as last week (and the week before, and the week before that …) I really want this book off my desk!

Also, I’m going to make an announcement about this next week, but I’ve got a new novel! Court of the Litterfey is a short novel of faerie, and it’s still on pre-order right now, but if you sign up to my mailing list, you get a copy, NOW, for free. So you should do that …

Watching: Every year my group of friends has a Christmas Party (it was Sat night, and yes, it was brill) where we play a version of secret santa; everyone brings a wrapped present and you can choose to either unwrap a present from the middle or steal a present from another player. CDH won a DVD of a movie called Knightriders, which is a Romero film starring Ed Harris about a merry band of renaissance faire jousters who fight on motorcycles decorated with heraldry. It was a profoundly silly film. We loved it, and I bet you will, too.

On the land: One friend said of NZ summer so far. “It reminds me of English summers. It’s cold, wet, and everyone is bitching about the weather.” The rain and howling winds have voided many of our goals this week, but I have done some weeding and laid some mulch mats around my spring trees.

This week we started our summer ginger beer. When brewing ginger beer, you create a “bug”, in the same way you make a starter for sour dough in a jar. Our bug is coming along nicely, and we should be able to bottle our first batch of beer around Christmas day.

I found my naughty sheep this morning – they’d crawled through an electrified tape fence and were munching on the pohutakawa trees I’d lovingly planted in September. Grrrr.

Loving: BEING ON HOLIDAY FOR TWO WEEKS. Having my family to stay over the holidays. Teasing my husband with his Christmas present box because he can’t deal with the suspense of not knowing what is inside. Tonight, I’m heading off with friends to watch The Hobbit, and then on Saturday I’m off to see Jethro Tull at the Civic. And then I have two weeks of glorious holiday stretched out before me. GLORIOUS I TELL YOU.

What about you? What’s making your week this week?