January 15, 2015

post-scriptum: Post number 666 \m/

Post Scriptum

steffmetal 666 posts

steffmetal 666 posts

This is my 666th post here on I started this blog in 2009, a few weeks before I was due to leave NZ for a four-month OE across Europe and the Middle East. I was clamouring for some kind of online creative outlet for my writing, and a blog seemed like the perfect platform. Now, 5.5 years on, I’m still at it. I’ve made a few mistakes, changed direction a few times, and pissed a few people off – but for the most part, it’s been a pretty incredible experience.

To everyone who reads and comments and supports me – thank you from the bottom of my little metal heart! Without you, I’d just be shouting into the abyss. Thank you for giving me a reason to continue to do this.

Here’s to another 666 posts \m/

In my ears: Ótta, the 2014 album from Sólstafir. Thank you Morris T. Cat for the recommendation. This album is amazing. It should be number 11 on my top list of metal albums for 2014.

Reading: I’m hoping to finish off An Instance of the Fingerpost this week, so I can get on to some other stuff. It’s a mighty tome!

Writing: I’m still working on the Gauge War. It’s a rather big book, you know!

Watching: Hoping to see the 3rd Hunger Games film this week. Mostly, I’ve been watching a lot of sunsets.

On the farm: Last week we had friends up for the weekend, and we spent a huge chunk of our time by Lake Ototoa, or playing games in the shade while eating yummy food. It is so hot here that we need to do our farm work before 10am in the morning or after 7pm at night. So the days we’re not working have been spent beside the lake.

Loving: Preparation for my new, 30th birthday tattoo. \m/ house plans coming along nicely \m/ fresh corn on the cob from our neighbour down the road \m/ fun events coming up including tickets to the Auckland University outdoor Summer Shakespeare (it’s Midsummer Night’s Dream). \m/ Eating weird American candy \m/ Making plans for my 30th birthday next month!

What about you? What are you reading this week?

The Sunken, my dark fantasy novel, is now available on Amazon.

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