May 22, 2018

Post-scriptum: Seveneves, hair-metal, and sooooo many rats.

Post Scriptum, Steff

This picture was taken on an awesome night out with some of my close friends. We all met more than a decade ago at metal gigs around Auckland. We used to have awesome times dancing and singing along to an old 80s hair metal covers band called Maskara.

Well, Maskara did a 10-year reunion show at the Ding Dong Lounge. Of course we had to go. Ten years older, taking full advantage of the club’s drink specials, we showed that we could definitely still party. And then we complained all the way home about our sore knees and all the adult crap we had to do in the morning.

Growing up, eh? Don’t need it.

Listening: I am currently digging the new Ghost single, ‘Rats’. It’s a real shame about the court case ruining a lot of the mystique of this band. I’m not sure who’s in the right there (I definitely have OPINIONS. Ask me in private), but if the band keeps putting out great music I think they’ll continue to move forward.

Reading: So many things! I’m working my way through Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves, about the moon blowing up. It’s amazing. I am also reading lots of reverse harem, including KT Strange’s Phoenixburn and Kate Morgan’s 5 Fathers.

Writing: I am 61k into the third Briarwood Reverse Harem book, The Castle of Water and Woe. In this book Maeve and her boys spend some time outside the castle, so I’m going back over some of my old travel photos and notebooks for some of the details. It’s been really fun :) I can’t wait to share this book with you at the end of June!

Watching: The Handmaid’s Tale, season 2. It’s probably the best TV show I’ve ever seen. We also just finished The Good Place – most hilarious, most bizarre, most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time. And we’ve started the 2nd season of 13 Reasons Why, which I don’t like as much as the first. The ghost aspect ruins it, I think.

On The Farm: Not much getting done, because the weather is gross and my lawnmower broke. We have a huge list of little jobs inside the house (finish meadery tiles, paint bathroom wall, paint doors, hang paintings, hang banisters, etc) to finish over winter. Now that we have a working kitchen and ensuite, we’re happy to just take things slower and not kill ourselves working on the place all the time.

Loving: the rad community of reverse harem readers and writers. You guys are so much fun \m/ Planning our 2019 European adventure to celebrate 10 years of marriage. We are hitting England, Germany (WACKEN) and Romania. I am already making a list of castles to visit. \m/ Our Opeth DVD on our new bigscreen TV. \m/ my new office set-up complete with a gaming keyboard that goes clackity-clackity-clack. \m/ My husband who brings me dark salted caramel chocolate and reads all my sex scenes out loud because he knows it makes me squirm \m/ Meeting NEAL STEPHENSON at the Writers and Readers Festival. He handwrites all his novels. He handwrote Seveneves. That blows my MIND. \m/ Mexican lunch and girl talk with my best girl Andy, and Korean chicken and some kind of alcohol that tasted like melded Nerds candy with co-conspirators Gronk and Olya Sloth \m/ Accidentally inviting too many people to the dinner party we’re hosting this weekend (now we have to ask people to bring their own chairs). \m/ getting asked to be Godmother to a beautiful baby girl. Congrats Lexi and Toni. \m/ The Guilty Feminist podcast. I have learned so much and laughed so hard. \m/ Why is it that every ballad Nick Cave writes ends up with everyone murdered in a bloody shoot-out? \m/

That’s my life right now. What about yours?