April 11, 2017

Post-Scriptum: Smoke in my eyes, hip hop on my lips, in my castle in the clouds.

Post Scriptum, Steff

steff metal castle

steff metal castle

In my ears: The soundtrack from Marvel’s Luke Cage. Yes, this is mostly hip hop and R&B, which is a really odd choice for me. And it is the soundtrack from a superhero show, which is doubly unusual.

We just finished watching Jessica Jones – the only superhero show I’ve ever actually enjoyed, because it was dark and gritty and wodnerfully sick – and decided to give Luke Cage a go, as Cage is a character in Jessica Jones and their stories interconnect. The show is set in Harlem and has socio-political commentary as a main theme, and this is carried through to the music in a big way. I’m writing a book at the moment with a POC main character who has to deal with racism as part of her daily life. It’s been an interesting experience trying to get inside that character’s head to experience what she does (not having been subjected to racism personally). This music is really helping me to dig deep into her psyche. Also, it’s bloody good. Check out “Good Man” by Raphael Saadiq, and “Long Live the Chief”, by Jidenna.

Here’s the latter from that show.

Reading: I am now communiting into the city a lot more before, which means I’m reading more than ever. Last month I polished off Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, Tabitha Kiss’ Muffin Top (this was hilarious), and H. Y. Hanna’s Four Puddings and a Funeral (also hilarious). I’m currently working my way through Caitin Doughty’s Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and now I really want to write a heroine who works at a funeral home.

Writing: Hollow releases on the 18th and I’m so excited! I’m 50k words into the second Wolves of Crookshollow book, Writing the Wolf, which will be done in May. For more writing updates, follow my patreon.

Watching: I think I mentioned most of this above, but we’re currently finishing up Luke Cage, and then we’re gonna hit Stranger Things.

On the farm: The biggest, most exciting news of all is that CDH and I moved into our brand new tower bedroom over the weekend. That’s right, we’re not sleeping in a tower, with a view across the water and over our little kingdom of sheep and chickens. Even though the rest of the house isn’t quite finished yet, this is a pretty important milestone for us, as we’re finally feeling as though we’ve accomplished something. Our next step is saving enough money to afford to bring the plumber back so he can hook up our ensuite bathroom so we don’t have to clomp downstairs if we need to go in the middle of the night.

Loving: When your friend’s daughter sends you a txt message and it looks suspiciously like a cultic chant to the Elder Gods. \m/ Planning an epic hike down in Stewart Island \m/ Getting my writing shit in order, focusing, narrowing down, figuring out my next steps. I have a big goal in mind and this year is all about making it happen. \m/ Made my first rolled lamb leg roast on Sunday, to celebrate our new bedroom. Jamie Oliver’s stuffed lamb leg is a perfect roll of meaty goodness tied in neat intervals. Mine is a radioactive slug oozing walnut guts all over the pan. Still tasted good, though. \m/ Lindsey Stirling next week and Fleshgod Apocalypse in May – total polar opposites, but both shows will be awesome. \m/ Discovering a new favourite bakery. \m/ My husband, working his arse off every waking minute to get this house finished for me. \m/ Making delicious cherry mead, and about to lay down some feijoa wine. \m/ HAVING MY OWN WALK-IN WARDROBE. It is heaven. It even has a shelf for all my hats! I will post more pictures once all our artwork is up and I’m happy with everything and I put all my socks away. \m/

That’s my week. How’s yours?

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