January 7, 2016

Post-scriptum: The Wall Edition

Post Scriptum

Leticia Moony Steff Metal

Leticia Moony Steff Metal

Even though I’m supposed to be on holiday, it’s been pretty hectic crazy over the last couple of weeks. My house has suddenly gone from a concrete pad with a few block walls to an impressive and complex structure. I can now wander through the rooms and stare up at the roof trusses and chase the cats around the scaffolding. If you want to see some progress shots you should follow me on instagram. I’ve only left the house twice in the entire holiday, once to go to a NYE party, and once to see the new Sherlock Christmas special at the cinema. #hermitsteff.


Reading: I am reading ghost stories by M. R. James (Christmas present from my husband, and Dorothy Eden’s Winterwood. I am really enjoying both and am probably going to read through all Dorothy Eden’s books.

Writing: I am FRANTICALLY trying to finish Coven, book 2 of Witches of the Woods, while being distracted by shiny new projects. Current status is 32k/65k words written, so basically halfway.

Watching: I bought my husband the first 3 seasons of Midsomer Murders on DVD, so we’ve been watching those in the evenings when we’re too tired to do much else.

On the farm: The most exciting things are happening right now, because my house is going up and it’s crazy! Other than that I’m just doing battle against the weeds and have planted some new seedlings in the garden. Tomatoes are starting to come through, I’m just waiting for them to plump up and turn red.

Loving: \m/ Got to meet Leticia of [e]xpositio, and her partner Troy the other day, and they are so awesome! Letitia and I have been reading each other’s stuff online for years, so it’s amazing to put a person behind the words now. \m/ My daily workout consists of running 6km to Lake Ototoa, and then swimming 3 laps across it. #gainz \m/ Making cob loaf to take to New Years Eve party. Mmmmm cobby loafy happiness \m/ Reading other people’s Lemmy tributes and seeing how many lives he touched. \m/ the Sherlock Christmas special at the movies with all my fellow Sherlock-mad friends. I loved all the super geeky Conan Doyle jokes \m/ Travel plans with awesome Germans \m/ Writing my goals for 2016 and feeling excited about everything that’s going to happen. \m/ Planning to get on the sugar-free buzz this year. I will write about it. \m/ Having an article accepted to Rock n Roll Bride magazine. \m/ Plotting my next science fiction series – a near-future dystopian young adult thing with witches. \m/ tickets to so many fun shows and plays this year, lots to look forward to \m/

That’s my first week of 2016. How is yours?

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January 11, 2016 at 2:33 am

I feel so famous, being life-sized on your blog. ^_^ xx

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