February 25, 2015

Post-Scriptum: The Week I Conquered Another Decade

Post Scriptum

steff metal garden

This week’s post-scriptum is coming at you from my second day as a 30-year-old. I have the day off work, and am cruising around the city for the morning, going to a meeting about a cool project, hanging with my awesome friend and fellow crazy-cat-lady Samface, and then meeting my friend Shane in town after he flies in from Welly. He’s going to go get his first tattoo, and I’m going along to watch, because it will be hilarious. (Shane is afraid of needles. And blood. And his own shadow.)

In my ears: The new Keep of Kalessin album, Epistemology. It is sweeeeeeeet.

Reading: I have started to read V. C. Andrews’ books, which I never did as a child. A shame, as I would’ve adored them. I’m a couple of chapters into Flowers in the Attic, and I am hooked.

Writing: I’m trying to write a Science Fiction romance story for a bundle. The deadline is the end of March, and I need 10k words. I have 1219. At least I’ve made a start!

Watching: Lots and lots of sunsets.

On the Farm: I’m only a week or so away from my first harvest of tomatoes from my new garden. I’ve been given a few more from our neighbour (they’ve had a bumper crop, but she’s had a hip replacement, so isn’t doing any preserving this year), and I’m hoping to have enough to do another batch of chutney, since last years is nearly gone.

Loving: Prepping for my birthday toga party tomorrow night. Right now I’m making a “pin the phallus on the satyr” game. Because I’m 30. It’s allowed. \m/ I’m also preparing material for a meeting about teaching some new writing courses in Auckland in a really cool venue. I’ll keep you posted! \m/ Going shopping for hiking boots – I need a pair to help me conquer Machu Picchu in July \m/ Experimenting with ancient Roman cooking, thanks to the recipes on Pass the Garam \m/ Deciding that what the Romans really needed was a bit more chocolate. \m/ Seeing Socrates and Eleanor getting up to mischief together and sleeping in a giant heap of kitty cuteness. \m/ My husband. He’s just pretty awesome.

Also, don’t forget to add your questions to my Ask Me Anything – I’m posting my answers on Monday. You can add in the comments or email me at I’ve got heaps of interesting questions already.

That’s my week, how about yours?

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