March 6, 2015

Post-Scriptum: Toga, toga, toga!

Post Scriptum

steff metal toga party

steff metal toga party

In my ears: My friend John alerted me to this – isn’t it crazy?

Reading: Still blowing through Flowers in the Attic, and I’ve got the other three in the series to finish after that. I am loving it so far (about 1/2 way through). I can’t believe I never read this as a teen!

Writing: Oooh, some things. All of the things. I’m working on a lot of projects right now I can’t talk about, and also still trying to finish my edit of The Gauge War. So not much to report here.

Watching: Just downloaded the third Hunger Games film from iTunes, so that’s going to be my evening. I am baking brownies to enjoy with it. Because there is something very satisfying about watching the Hunger Games while stuffing one’s face.

On the Farm: Phew, it’s been a crazy week this week. We finished our little garden area, then did a frantic cleanup of the land because a valuer from the bank came to tell us how much it’s worth. Then we spent two hours running around our paddocks and our neighbours paddocks, dragging sheep in to get shorn, drenched, and otherwise checked out. We’ll be slaughtering in three weeks, so it’s good to get them shorn before that – makes it easier. Unfortunately, it started to rain, then pour, then the skies utterly opened up on us. So now I am inside and it is warm and I am happy.

Loving: On Saturday I had my 30th birthday party. We had a toga party at our place and about 30 wonderful friends showed up – some old (17 years) and some new. And all awesome. I put out a batch of spiced pear mead that lasted the better part of an hour. We talked and laughed and made mischief. A few of us went down to the lake to swim in the afternoon, and then in the evening we partied, as you do. There were many awesome costumes, including my friend John’s “Gronkus Caesar”, two beautiful pregnant friends locking awesome outfits (what is it about pregnant women? All the happy baby hormones just make them glow.), my Cthulhudaughter’s cute little toga (she saw her parents putting on their sheets, went and got her swaddle and tried to tie it around herself like a toga. I think that’s awesome!) and . My friend Amy of Northwic made my dress and I love it so much – I need to find more places to wear it now.

And, even though I said no presents, my friends went crazy. Flynn painted me this amazing Amon Amarth banner, which I’m hanging in my office. Blair got me a pretty wooden jewellery box covered in carved animals, my parents got me hiking boots, CDH got me a pretty bauble, and ‘the bogans’ pooled their money and got me a whole stash of awesome; money to put towards my Peru trip, a voucher for Black Milk Clothing, a pretty necklace, and the most amazing Japanese kitchen knife … all my kitchen knives are crap, and now I look forward to chopping shit every day. I read my card in the morning from everyone and this big lump formed in my throat. It’s pretty amazing to be surrounded by such kind and loving people.

Oh, and in the picture above you might notice on my right arm my birthday present to myself. I’ll have a better picture of that next week, when it’s completely healed up.

Feeling the love this week! How about you?

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