April 6, 2014

Songs About Eagles – Power Metal I’m Digging Right Now – Stormforge, Fallen Order, Stratovarius, Gloryhammer and Circle of Silence

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Power metal is my not-so-secret first love. It’s probably one of the silliest forms of music known to humankind – overblown, impossibly cheery, hell-bent on producing the epicest epic, the baddest riff, the most impressive solo. Like fantasy pulp fiction brought to life, half the time the lyrics don’t even make sense – it’s merely a competition to see how many hammers and dragons and wizards you can squeeze into a 4minute song. How can you NOT love it?

Eagles are the heroes of power metal. Eagles fly free, eagles soar overhead, eagles will be revealed, eagles poo on dragons and smite goblins. Here are some power metal albums I’m digging right now that may or may not contain songs about eagles.

Stormforge - Sea of Stone (and a Fuju).

Stormforge – Sea of Stone (Fuju not included).

Stormforge – Sea of Stone

The debut EP from local NZ act Stormforge is a killer. Us kiwis are not internationally known as a bastion of power metal greats – our strength is in the filthy, from the bloodthirsty carnage of bands like Diocletion, Exordium Mors and Witchrist, to the sonic raping of Ulcerate, there hasn’t really been any room for songs about eagles. Well, Stormforge will change that. From the opening riffs of “Immolation to Infinity”, you know you’re in for a treat, and then vocalist Courtney O’Leary opens his mouth, and you’re sold. An album of delicious riffs, soaring vocals, pounding drums and fiery metal spirit. Stormforge are destined for big things.

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Fallen Order - The Age of Kings

Fallen Order – The Age of Kings

Fallen Order – The Age of Kings

Another local release that’s definitely shining in my mind is Fallen Order’s The Age of Kings. Their sound is very classic metal with a bit of the modern power metal sound thrown in. Vocals have a definite Geoff Tate vibe, and the 5 tracks have the distinctly galloping riffs and powerful drumming of a band drinking the Iron Maiden kool-aid. My favourite track is the Priest-esque “Sign Your Life Away”. A solid release from a band that really delivers live – I am looking forward to hearing more of these guys in the coming years.

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Stratovarius - Nemesis

Stratovarius – Nemesis

Stratovarius – Nemesis

Yes, I know it’s 2014, but I spent most of last year laying blocks and painting kitchen cabinets, so I’m playing catch-up with 2013’s power metal releases. And Stratovarius’ new release, Nemesis, was first on the list. Now, with the lineup changes and a different direction, there are lovers and there are haters of Nemesis. I am a lover. Vocalist Matias Kupiainen’s style reminds me of one of my favourite power metal bands, Iron Fire, . This is punchy, catchy, but with a lot of interesting experimentation, especially with keyboard effects. Many reviewers are hailing Nemesis as the band’s new Halcyon Days – a fair comment for a power metal album that sounds as fresh and inspired as some of the best of the genre. 

Gloryhammer - Tales from the Kingdom of Fife

Gloryhammer – Tales from the Kingdom of Fife

Gloryhammer – Tales from the Kingdom of Fife

Like every project from the head of Alestorm frontman Christopher Bowes, Tales from the Kingdom of Fife is a perfectly-executed project of ridiculousness. The history of Scotland is retold with soaring, majestical songs, galloping riffs, insane drums and every power metal cliche mushed in there for good measure. It’s power-metal-by-numbers, intended is a tongue-in-cheek pisstake of all the well-meaning songs about eagles out there, but manages to be one of the best power metal albums of last year. That’s an achievement. Check out “Amulet of Justice”, “Magic Dragon”, and “Quest for the Hammer of Glory”.

Circle of Silence - The Rise of Resistance

Circle of Silence – The Rise of Resistance

Circle of Silence – The Rise of Resistance

After hearing Sonata Arctica’s latest pop-rock effort (sigh. Seriously, guys? Boy racers aren’t badass), it’s such a relief to hear a power metal album that actually has some balls. The Rise of Resistance is song after song of powerful, thrashy riffs and choruses you want to shout out aloud. Definitely an underrated act, and hopefully this album will win them more dedicated fans. The best songs are probably “In the Absence of Your God”, “An Oncoming Storm”, and the mighty “Architect Of Immortality”.

What power metal / traditional metal albums are you enjoying right now? 

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August 20, 2014 at 8:40 am

by the way I really loved those albums thx steff and I am commenting alot sry if annoyingXD

August 20, 2014 at 8:35 am

and I would have something to ask you steff… I’m a kinda new metalhead, It has been about a year now and I have difficulties to dig in more brutal metal. I know I’m ready to listen to some more brutal metal because I’m constanly looking for a band to make the transition…. Do you have any recommandations? Bands or genres between idk symphonic, power, folk, speed, old school maiden to death, black? I’ve heard of melodic death metal but never found a band that really attracted me. thx in advance

August 19, 2014 at 11:40 pm

my gosh should have read it before sending it

i like to put. not get put

the third band is simply from Canada where im from i just have problems with my english my first language is french

August 19, 2014 at 11:36 pm

I’m in metal in general. But power metal is what got me into this perfect music style and I will certenly listen to the albums i didint heard about in your list. I really think you should go ahead and give my personal 2014 power metal release a try;) you may not like it because you know we dont have the same taste in music even if we like metal;)… anyway those albums are The quantnum enigma newest epica album. ikik it’s symphonic metal but idk i like to get put the symphonics metal bands in my power metal playlist because it just as epic. and by the way it is more likely that you already know epica so… i’m just pointing out that they produced a new album or wasting my time recomending you an album you already listened to. Next is Heroes from sabaton, at first i didint like it myself but the lyrics! for this one I highly recomend you to open the album’s wikipedia page and while listening to each song for the first time to check the link that’s beside the song title and read. This album is basically talking about heroes from the 2 world war so if you like war history or just history this album is for you. My last album i would like to recomend is from native of my country, Canada! one of the only metal band from canada. the album is named “…of conquest” I hope you’ll like them or at least give them a try ;) discovered this blog and i love it;)

I’m really sry for this massive comment. If you liked it or not let me know.

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