August 20, 2018

We have a publisher! And how you can pre-order copies of Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones

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only freaks turn things into bones

Good news! If you missed out on a copy of Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones – my children’s picture book about a little Grim Reaper who gets bullied – you can now pre-order it here.

(Only the books are available right now. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding pre-orders for t-shirts and art prints).

One copy of the book will cost $15 USD, for a hardcover 40-page high-quality picture book featuring Bree’s remarkable illustrations. There will be a limited print run, so make sure you pre-order so you don’t miss out!

only freaks turn things into bones

On to our other exciting news: we are so incredibly excited to announce that Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones caught the eye of a real-live publisher, and after some back and forth with Michelle Lovi at Odyssey Books, we’ve decided to accept her offer. Only Freaks will be published under the Odyssey imprint Obscura.

What does this mean for the book?

Having a publisher behind us means we can make Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones better than we ever imagined.

Most exciting for us, it means that we have access to distribution to get the book into schools, bookshops, and libraries across New Zealand and Australia. We’ll be able to spread Little Death’s anti-bullying story far and wide!

The quality of the book will also be improved. Instead of being softcover on so-so quality paper, Only Freaks will now be published in hardcover on high-quality heavy gloss paper.

We don’t have a finalised publication schedule yet, but we’re expecting the books to start hitting stores in early 2019.

Thank you so so much for coming along on this adventure with us. Without your support, this amazing opportunity would never have happened! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy today to avoid missing out!