September 29, 2015

Pre-Order your copy of The Gauge War for just $2.99

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gauge war

gauge war


Now that the Sunken have been defeated, Isambard Kingdom Brunel can begin the task of making the British Empire great once more. All that stands in his way are the French forces closing in on the country, and rival engineer Robert Stephenson, who seeks to undermine Brunel’s power by disobeying his orders at every turn.

Nicholas Thorne once again finds himself caught in the middle of a war he does not believe in. Only now, Nicholas is assailed every waking hour by terrible voices – animals in excruciating pain pound against his skull, begging for release. Can Nicholas fight through the pain and retain control of his mind to protect the people he loves?

Not content to lay idle while his empire is attacked and civil war looms, Brunel has one last great innovation to unveil. This new machine could be the salvation of England, or the destruction of them all.


After a year of toil and heartache, I have finally waded through the behemoth that is the second book in the Engine Ward series, and The Gauge War will be unleashed upon the world on the 31st October.

You can currently pre-order your copy now, and grab it for just $2.99. After launch, the price is going up, so now’s your chance to snag a deal.

This book – and the whole series, in fact – has been a real labour of love. So many eyes have looked over it and given their feedback and worked their asses off to make this book better than I could have dreamed. Thanks have to go out to my husband CDH, Mother Metal, and my amazing editorial team for all your helpful comments and critiques. To V for doing a wicked job on the cover, as usual. For all the friends who put up with my Facebook posts about word counts and post-modern poetry. To everyone who believed in me and everyone who didn’t, thank you!

I am really excited about delving back into Engine Ward again, and I hope you’re going to enjoy what I’ve come up with.

Got questions? I’ve got answers. Here’s a little FAQ about The Gauge War and the Engine Ward series:

Does The Gauge War stand alone, or do I need to have read The Sunken first?

Really, you need to have read The Sunken first, because The Gauge War picks up the story from where the first book leaves off. But you’ve still got a month before The Gauge War comes out, so plenty of time to finish reading The Sunken!

Is The Gauge War available as a paperback?

It will be! I’m working with my awesome designer on a paperback version right now, which will be ready for release day. You’ll be able to order this from Amazon and other online retailers, or request a copy through your local bookshop.

Will I have to wait another year for the third instalment?

No! In fact, you’ll hardly have to wait any time at all. The third book in the series, Thorn, will be coming out in December 2015, so you’ll be able to have your copy for the holiday season. That’s the power of indie publishing, baby. I can release things as soon as they’re done, and Thorn – which was the book I wrote first – has been practically done for 3 years.

Why has it taken you so long to get the next book out!

Originally, The Sunken and The Gauge War were one (very crappy) book. When I split them, I had to add a ton of plot and detail to each book in order for the story to work. The simple fact was that when I finished The Sunken, I had made some significant changes to the overall plot, and that meant I had to make significant changes to The Gauge War so that it matched up. Those changes were simply more substantial than I thought, and it also meant the editing phase of the novel took longer than anticipated.

I LOVE THIS BOOK. How can I help spread the word?

Arrrr, yay, thank you! I am so humbled and amazed by all the people who’ve written to me about how much they love the series and the characters. Seriously, it means the world to me. If you enjoyed the series, here are some things you can do that can help me find new readers:

1. Tell people! Lend your book out to someone. Give a copy away at Christmas. Get this series in the hands of anyone you think will enjoy it. If you tell five people about it, and one person loves it, then you have done more for me than you could ever know.

2. Leave me a review on the book’s Amazon or Goodreads page. Reviews are vital in helping other readers decide to take a chance on my book. Also, as an indie author, I can’t use a lot of the same promotional websites as other authors. The sites I can use often require a minimum number of reviews (usually more than 30). So help me get to that number!

Is the ebook available at other vendors besides Amazon?

No. In oder to be part of their Kindle Unlimited program, Amazon requires indie authors to sell their ebooks exclusively on their platform. If you read on another platform, then please email me at, and I will help you get a file that works for you.

What are you waiting for, pre-order your copy of The Gauge War now.