June 28, 2011

Preview of Oak Pantheon, atmospheric black metal

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This morning, Niek from Death Metal Baboon sent me a note to let me know Oak Pantheon, a US atmospheric black metal band, had given DMB an exclusive preview of their upcoming EP, and could I give it some love? After hearing the song, “In the Dead of Winter Night”, I agreed that yes, I could.


I’m pretty fussy about black metal, finding most of it boring, headache-inducing and devoid of anything resembling actual music. But Oak Pantheon are a band I could definitely get into. “In the Dead of Winter Night” starts off with a slow acoustic riff and keyboard melody. The song passes through several movements, sounding at times more like doom-inspired than black metal. This song doesn’t have that icy remoteness about it – I’d almost call it accessible, with plenty of melody and an epic solo which came as a very pleasant surprise.

The EP, called the Void, will be released July 12. It contains four songs and an interlude:

  • 1. In the Dead of Winter Night
  • 2. Fear Me
  • 3. Architect of the Void I
  • 4. Interlude
  • 5. Architect of the Void II

You can hear “In the Dead of Winter Night” on Death Metal Baboon HERE. If you liked this track, then give Oak Pantheon some love on the Oak Pantheon Facebook page. (And, if you’re reading this, Sami and Tanner, and you want someone to review your EP … hint hint)

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June 28, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Thanks for the help Steff! I owe you one :)

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