January 27, 2012

Review and Album Stream: Aborted – Global Flatline

Brutal Tunes

Islander and team over on No Clean Singing are, and I quote, “happier than pigs in shit” to premier the full-album steam of Global Flatline, the new Aborted album being released by Century Media. And she’s a absolute beaut.


With new blood in the form of Ken Bedene (ex-Abagail Williams) and Michael Wilson (System Divide) Aborted . Their last two full-lengths, Slaughter and Apparatus, and Strychnine.213 failed to live up to the glory of their earlier material, moving away from the rich, layered brutality of legendary records like “Engineering the Dead” and into the region of grindcore. But Global Flatline shows the band on form like never before – a powerhouse of B-grade movie lyrics, aggressive, machine-gun drums, and riffs that carve your face into an aesthetically pleasing meaty art installation. This is an album to swing a sledgehammer to, an album for bludgeoning and brutalising and being a bit of a bastard and enjoying it utterly.

Standout songs for me are the title track, “Global Flatline” and “Fecal Forgery” – the perfect melding of melody and face-smashing brutality. “Vermicular, Obscene, Obese” features this groaning guitar tone that sounds like a victim rolling in their own filth. This is brutal death metal at it’s best – visceral, unrelenting, and just so much goddamn fun. Sven’s vocals swing seamlessly from the knee-crunching death growl to a mid-range shriek that would raise the death if they weren’t all trembling in their little ghost boots. There’s drums … everywhere, it seems. Drums on top of drums on top of drums, like the dude has seven arms or something. And the riffs encapsulate what death metal is all about – the perfect musical expression of unrelenting aggression.

If you’re keen to get in on a ear-bleeding action, you can get the full stream of Aborted’s Global Flatline HERE. For more Aborted shenanigans, visit the official Aborted website or their Facebook page here.