February 8, 2012

Review: Erupted – “Faces of Death”

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I’m having a bit of an “old school” death metal homage week here at Steff Metal HQ – first, the Finns Sadistik Forest and their album Death, Doom, Radiation, and now this absolute gem of an EP from Swedish death metallers Erupted.

It’s called Faces of Death, and it’s only three songs long, but it gives enough of an introduction to make me eager to hear their upcoming release. The album contains two studio tracks, “Faces of Death” and “Hell Recreated”, as well as one live track, “Blazing Fire of Heaven”. The live track didn’t really do it for me, the vocals being a bit too gurgly in places, and – although there’s a killer classic death riff, it’s punctuated by a bunch of hyper-fast, scalding distorted noise that’s more grating than satisfying. The studio tracks more than make up for these minor failings. “Faces of Death” blasts out riff after catchy riff in true death metal style, with deep, punishing vocals and muted, trigger-free jackhammer drums. “Hell Recreated” reminds me a bit of Aborted – especially the vocals and the dynamic structure, switching from mid-paced to slaughterhouse in a matter of nano-seconds.

Lyrics deal with occult and philosophical topics, and the impossibly heavy, throaty growl of vocalist Daniel Ocic Sundberg raise Erupted over and above the death metal mediocrity.

You might have heard these boys before, but under a different name. Back in 2010 they were gigging as Carnivore, but they changed their name to avoid confusion with the late Peter Steele’s Carnivore. Said Daniel: “Back when we picked the band name, we actually had not heard of the earlier Carnivore, and once we did, we guessed that a local band using the name really couldn’t be such a big deal, we didn’t expect the promo to get us signed or that we would get a chance to actually record a full-length. But, as things have worked out far beyond our imagination, we want you to wave goodbye to Växjö’s Carnivore and give Erupted a brutal fucking welcome!! Same shit, new name.”

Erupted have signed to Abyss Records and are due to release their debut full-length this year. You better believe I’ll have an ear out for it.

Stream Faces of Death on Erupted’s Facebook page or Soundcloud page, or check out their Myspace page for regular updates.

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