January 18, 2012

Review: I Spit on Your Grave – Baby I’m Bullet Proof

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ispitonyourgravebulletproof albumart-steffmetal

ispitonyourgravebulletproof albumart-steffmetal

Named after one of the sickest horror films I’ve ever seen (I watched the original version a couple of weeks ago, it still sits uncomfortably at the back of my mind), I Spit On Your Grave’s debut EP will have filthy grindcore fans gnashing their teeth in appreciation. Aside from having a classy cover, their EP Baby, I’m Bullet Proof is a shining example of the grindcore with groove.

The intro features a soundbite from the movie, and is followed by three solid tracks that demonstrate the talent of these musicians. There’s a strong sense of melody in the riffs, especially on “Knife in Your Spine”, and I love the tribal bridge in the middle and the almost progressive metal jam at the end. “Linger on my Lips” has some great chuggy riffs and a bit of spastic drumming.  They’ve managed to combine the sick brutality and demented humor that (to me) characterize grindcore with an almost classic metal sense of songwriting and musicianship. “Feed Your Fear” is a bit of a dark electronica that breaks up the album and somehow doesn’t feel all that out of place. It’s a nice segway into the heavy-as-fuck “Smile :-)”.

My favorite song from the whole album is “Sleep” – this is one riff that just keeps getting heavier and heavier. The intro is so long you think it’s going to be an instrumental, and you’re cool with that because the riff is SO FUCKING AWESOME, but then the vocals come in, and the whole thing ratchets up a notch.

Riffs are low, chuggy and brutal, a bit Lamb of Goddy. The drumming has a unique, almost tribal sound, with plenty of tom work making the overall sound much heavier and punchier than your usual grindcore act. The vocals are spot-on about 80% of the time (especially in “Smile :-)”), but can sometimes be a bit jarring. The production is crisp, allowing you to hear every nuance of this cacophony, which only works in a band like this where every musician knows their shit. I am not the biggest fan of this style, and I’ve been rocking “Knife in Your Spine”, “Sleep” and “Smile :-)” all week.

I Spit on Your Grave are streaming the entire EP on their Facebook page, and you can also find them on Reverbnation. These guys are a local act from Auckland, NZ, and they’re playing a show on the 20th (That’s THIS Saturday) at the Rising Sun/4:20 bar on K’rd in Auckland, with Osmium and Downfall of Humanity. It’s $10 on the door and should be a good night.

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blade broome
January 18, 2012 at 5:51 pm

its actualy this FRIDAY locally.. here in new zealand… auckland … lol

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