February 7, 2012

Review: Sadistik Forest – Death, Doom, Radiation

Brutal Tunes


Due for release on 21 March 2012, the sophomore album from Finnish death metallers Sadistik Forest will not disappoint fans of their self-titled debut. The band was inspired by the 2007 Possessed reunion to create an act that paid homage to their death metal heroes, and while their debut was defined as decent – albeit derivative – death metal, with Death, Doom, Radiation Sadistik Forest have refined and perfected their sound. This is bulldozer metal – dark, down-tuned, mid-tempo, reminiscent of Mordicus and early Grave – straight from the 90s to your eardrums, none of the brutality lost in the passing of time.

Dark, atmospheric sections on “Entrapment” and “Down Pours the Rein of Blood” break up the unyielding riffage, and swinging tempo and gut-wrenching growls of vocalist Markus Makkonen on “Pit of Debris” would have any mosh pit in a frenzy. There’s a lot more variation and dynamics in the guitar tracks, thanks no doubt to Matti Salo’s input into the songwriting process.

Standout tracks include the relentless sonic pummeling that is “Fabrics of Lies” (the grammar isn’t quite right there, but hey – death metal!) and the rolicking melodic number “Down Pours the Rein of Blood”. Death, Doom, Radiation (produced by Samu Männikkö) demonstrates the value of stripped back, underpolished production – the raw, brutal quality of the music shines through.

Sadistik Forest are not going to win any awards for originality, but if the worst thing you can accuse them of is producing an stellar album that sounds like it belongs in the 90s death era, than I think that’s just fine.

Visit the Sadistik Forest website or the band’s Facebook page. They’ve got a sample track, “Code of Liberation” up now.