December 11, 2010


Brutal Tunes, Makes me Giggle

Got the announcement today that Subway to Sally will be playing Wacken again next year, which makes me rather happy. Another band that was announced was Russkaja, and the description on the website piqued my interest:

“Also the Austrian band Russkaja takes along their best Russia folklore for you to WOA 2011. With polka-beats and ska they´ll get you up to speed!”

So, yeah, I had to check them out.

I can’t really tell you that much about them, as the above description pretty much sums them up. They’re a seven-piece folk band featuring vocals, violin, brass instruments, and the usual guitars and drums. They mix trash-metal, world jazz, funk and fuck-knows-what-else into this INSANE folk mash-up that defies reality as we know it. I cannot decide if I like it or hate it. No, scratch that. I love it.

Their extremely kvlt, grymm name comes from the words “Russia”, “Ska” and “Ja” (German for “Yes”).

This one is an interview, and it’s in German.

A live clip with decent sound:

OK, so you couldn’t listen to them every day, but I bet they put on one hilarious live show. I can’t wait.

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December 13, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Damn. Again one of those bands where I think: Isn’t Wacken supposed to be a heavy metal festival?

I’m not that kind of “music fascist” and I like myself some not metal music but if I organize a “heavy metal festival” there should be heavy metal music. A couple of years ago (like 2008) Wacken was all about metal. Maybe 2-3 fun bands. That was ok. But now Wacken changes to a rock festival. Lot of core-bands or punk or bands like this.

So I’m not that happy about such bands.

December 13, 2010 at 10:20 pm

On the one hand, I totally see your point, and I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot more “non-metal” on the lineups these days (I’ve been dreaming about going to Wacken for about 8 years now, so I remember some of those years I couldn’t go. Sigh). I don’t mind this sort of non-metal stuff, but then, I don’t hear it all the time like I bet you guys do over there. I wonder if the increase of punk/core bands is simply a reflection of the kind of music that’s becoming more popular in our scene? I always associate that style with the US but maybe it’s becoming more popular over there, too. I’ve noticed the number of “folk” metal bands on the increase every year, also, which I think is a reflection on their continual popularity in Europe.

We have nothing like Wacken in New Zealand. Well, obviously, or we wouldn’t continually work ourselves broke to come over for it. I hear people in forums all the time knocking it “It’s too big. It’s sold out. It’s gone too commercial. I don’t like the crowd that goes there now.” but our experience of it was completly the opposite. We get some decent bands touring here – this year, Metallica came, and Exodus, and Megadeth, 3 Inches of Blood, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth came once … But Blind Guardian would never come. Judas Priest will probably never attempt it again. Well, I shouldn’t say never, but realistically. Finntroll are coming to Aus next year and I’m hoping someone will bring them over here. That would be wicked fun.

And even if they did come, it would NEVER be all together in a Wacken-style festival. It would be mixed in with a bunch of punk bands (like no sleep til Auckland) or hip hop / alternative / indie / dance like the Big Day Out. The crowd would be drunk, and over here, that’s often Angry Drunk. It wouldn’t be as well organised. The food would be as yummy.

I bet it’s pretty frustrating to see something like Wacken that’s a bit of an institution letting in bands that are crappy and annoying and increasingly non-metal. I think, give it a few years, and it will swing around again. Maybe metal will stop being quite as popular over there, and the Wacken lineups will change as tastes change. Maybe.

I would gladly swap out any of these non-metal bands for just ONE of my favorites that I’ve never seen: Accept, Ensiferum, Finntroll, Rebellion, Manowar, Ihsahn, Sodom … But, with so many bands still to be announced, I’m quite confident there’ll be enough metal to satisfy the NZ contingent, at least. I try to just look at the non-metal bands as extra time for drinking and feasting on those epic steak sandwiches.

Wow, that turned into an intense comment. I am so looking forward to WOA2011! And meeting you!

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