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December 2, 2014 1 Comment

Metal History: The Pyramids of Egypt

steff metal pyramids

When I was about 7, I read a Goosebumps book called Curse of the Mummy. Remember those books? The formulaic horror-lite for kids by R L Stine and his army of ghostwriters. Well, I loved ’em. Between me and my sister we practically collected the whole set. But curse of the mummy was my favourite […]

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September 18, 2014 1 Comment

Metal History: Avebury Sacred Site

Avebury stones.

Recently, some fascinating archaeological research has come to light, placing new significance on the Neolithic sites of Stonehenge and Avebury. I’ve actually never visited Stonehenge, but I have seen several other neolithic circles, and in 2009 I got to visit Avebury.   After Stonehenge, Avebury is probably the most popular Neolithic archaeological site in Britain. […]

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