April 30, 2014

Check Out the New Septicflesh song, “Order of Dracul”

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OK, so the quality of the sound isn’t that great, but holy sheeeet … who else is looking forward to the new Septicflesh album? 2011’s The Great Mass is arguably their best album to date, and from the sounds of this first single, “Order of Dracul”, this year’s Titan is going to pick up where they left off.

Greece’s Septicflesh are one of those groups pushing at the boundaries of what metal can do. Combining two of the most seemingly disparate genres on the planet – classical orchestral music and brutal death metal – to create a true “wall of noise” that is at once both beautiful and terrifying. I always love how their songs seem to be structured classically, too – they’ve broken away from the whole verse chorus verse chorus thing and into structures more reminiscent of Wagner and his contemporaries.

Orchestral instrumentation on this track is performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, along with multiple collections of choirs.

“‘Order of Dracul’ is the first taste of the new album,” Septicflesh write in a new statement. “It is a bombastic song with colorful classical orchestration. The title refers to Vlad Tepes, the notorious prince of Wallachia.”

You can preorder a copy of Titan from Prosthetic Records. It’s due out in June.

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