November 24, 2011

Steff Metal for Sheri Moon Zombie’s Total Skull Clothing

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While I was metalling it up at Wacken 2011, Total Skull clothing contacted me, wondering if I’d be keen to be a spokes-blogger for the label. Are you freaken kidding me? Hands down, that was the best week of my life.

If you’ve never heard of Total Skull, it’s the clothing and accessories line of Sheri Moon Zombie, wife of the infamous musician and horror film director Rob Zombie and one seriously hot wench to boot. Sheri designs all the pieces herself and they combine her love of metal and rockabilly aesthetics, feminine cuts and horror movie filth.


Just before halloween a package arrived on my doorstep. It was the Burnout Gunfight Girlie T-shirt. I got my photogenic friend, the beautiful Tarah, and with Jess Manning, another talented friend, behind the camera, we spent the morning down at Blockhouse Bay Primary school getting up to some mischief.

We wanted to capture the fun, tongue-in-cheek aspect of Sheri’s designs, and what better way to do this then on a kids’ playground?



I was going for a more classic bogan look with tight black jeans, purple Alpha Rangers boots, and my skull and crossbones belt. Tarah, on the other hand, had a more feminine look with Demonia Baby Jane pumps and a ruffled skirt.





I love big patterns on shirts like this – the design is even printed over the collar, so you almost can’t see the stitching at all. And – another thing I love – the tag is actually printed on the back of the shirt. No itchy tag neck. Wicked. The cotton is soft and feels lovely.



A warning: the sizes do seem to run a bit large. This shirt was a medium and it’s a bit too big for both me and Tarah. I’m thinking of getting my hands on the Total Skull Mexican Poster Girls Fitted Shirt – but I’d definitely get that in a small!




Sheri and Rob Zombie put together a hilarious Halloween video for Total Skull. Check it out:

So if you’re after a Christmas gift for a metal, rock or horror fan in your life, check out the Total Skull Shop for some wicked t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories, or bookmark the Total Skull blog for updates, new releases, sales and competitions.

Total Skull is a totally kick-ass Steff Metal Sponsor. Read more about advertising / sponsorship on this blog HERE

3 Comments on “Steff Metal for Sheri Moon Zombie’s Total Skull Clothing

August 29, 2012 at 10:47 am

This is so cool! Sherri Moon is fantastic, congrats on being involved in her line :D

Melissa Angelik
February 9, 2012 at 5:22 pm

I love these designs. The Zombies (like a metal, rockabilly version of the Addams, no?) are a very talented pair. Rob is a Great musician and director. Sherri, well it might be easy to write her off as just another pretty blonde, the woman clearly loves the scene, has a wicked sense of style, and is a really good actress. \m/

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