July 24, 2009

Shopping for Satan Shirts

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Satanism can be a touchy subject, especially because the majority of metalheads aren’t Satanists and we have to spend a significant amount of time convincing the normals that we’re not followers of the big red guy.

Admittedly we kind of ask for it. We wear the shirts, we throw the goat, we look like unshaven cavemen, but fuck! We don’t take it seriously.

Some metalheads are Satanists, sure. You can’t listen to Bestial Holocaust and not feel some empathy for the horned one, and no one presumes that Cephalic Carnage have Jesus’ best interests at heart.

But mostly, Satan is the symbol of the ultimate metalhead “I get kicked out of school for wearing a Belphager shirt; he got kicked out of HEAVEN!” The pointy-eared dude is one of our crew. It would be like worshipping Varg Vikernes, or Ozzy Osbourne, or (shudder) Gene Simmons.

Much of metalhead fashion is about extremes. It’s about taking comfortable, “normal” clothing like t-shirts and jeans and turning the concept into something that can only be appreciated by the few, the initiated. I don’t say ‘subversion’ because I don’t believe we’re as deliberate as that.

Metal demands attention – it doesn’t understand the concept of subtlety. Contrary to many mainstream beliefs about us, metalheads take great pride in their appearance – as in, we want to look as metal as we can. Because we’re proud of being metal.

Also, many metalheads – myself included – are fascinated with occult studies from a purely historilogical / academic / philosophical point of view. We might wear the symbols to show our interest in the subject, the same way many people wear symbols of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (without actually believing in said Gods and Goddesses).

All this is to say that I am not, not, NOT writing this post with a Satanic agenda. It isn’t my belief system and I don’t expect you to make it yours. Worshipping the pointy-eared one is not a prerequisite of kreigness.

I am merely saying that if you’re the type of metalhead who wants to wear some cool shirts with occult / Satanic themes, you might like to try the following shops.

Please, please, please don’t click on the links below if you take offense to Satanic imagery. You have been warned.

Luciferian Apotheca: An online darkside, left-hand path, Luciferian, whatever-you-call-it store, dedicated to magikal items and supplies (that’s magikal with a K).

They stock an impressive array of t-shirts for all your unholy desires, including satanic (I LOVE the medieval designs), goetic, dark goddess and magick (Crowley et. al) shirts. Also, these animal bone bracelets carved into skulls might appeal – they’re apparently great for Mala meditation.

Obesity and Speed pentegram tee, $75

Obesity and Speed pentegram tee, $75

Obesity and Speed make some gorgeous designer tanks for metal babes, including this amazing pentegram design. Their tanks are super-soft tensel fabrics and tie in the centre of your back.

A couple of Etsy sellers stock some amazing creations for the lady devil-worshippers. In Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, I found this awesome baphomet shirt. The artist gave one to the singer from Mastedon and he gave her a backstage pass, so you know it’s totally evil!

Baphomet shirt by Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, $28

Baphomet shirt by Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, $28

'I'm With Satan' shirt from asheyhiccup, $18

'I'm With Satan' shirt from asheyhiccup, $18

Asheyhiccup makes this rad ‘I’m with Satan‘ shirt using the dischanged ink technique. The ink is removed from the shirt, giving an even design – you can’t feel a difference in texture between the fabric and the design. She can do custom colours, too.

I’m always on the eye-out for more wicked evil designs, so if you know of any (or you make one yourself), shout out in the comments!

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