June 27, 2011

Steampunk Picnics, Mead-brewing, Jazz and Bearded Viking Ships: The World of Steff Metal

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I’ve been quite stupendously busy over the last few weeks with a whirlwind of freelance assignments, regular work, husbands jetting off to foreign locales and fun and metal socializing. With less than three weeks till we leave for our German metal adventure, I’m amazed at how busy we’ve been.

In lieu of a Linking Horn this week, here are a few pics and notes from my recent adventures:


Standing in front of the traction engine at MOTAT

MOTAT (the Museum of Transport and Technology) hosted Aether and Iron – a Steampunk Day Out. I hate missing out on the opportunity to dress up, and CDH loves anything steam-powered, so we went along. We were meant to meet up with a bunch of friends, but CDH had to go to Christchurch that afternoon so we had to leave just as everyone was arriving. I did meet Lady Helen Steampunk and Agent Darling – Founders of the League of Victorian Imaginers and organizers of NZ’s Steampunk Festival in Oamaru – who were mightily awesome. And they were running the pump house so we got to watch that in motion. Seriously epic.

I made my outfit from bits and bots in my closet, including my Gallery Serpentine corset, Necessary Evil skirt overtop of a black peasant skirt from Shanton, top hat from Camden Markets in London, black velvet shrug I wore at my wedding (made by Mother Metal), Jeffrey Campbell boots, black and silver parasol, skull socks, belt and skull scarf, binocular pouch threaded on my belt, some added chains and a junky fob watch around my neck.


Steff Metal and Agent Darling


My gorgeous friends Amy and Kelli and their steampunk outfits. They're costume designers so made everything themselves (and came runners-up in the costume competition, I might add)

Bottling our Mead: Awhile ago I posted a mead-making tutorial along with pictures of us brewing our first batch of mead. For some random reason, the post seems to have disappeared, but you might like to know that we tasted, bottled, and enjoyed our mead over a BBQ and good conversation. The batch came out as a complete success, with a sweet taste and an alcohol content of 14%! This is some serious stuff.


Amy the tavern wench filling up our bottles.


The Fellowship of the Mead: Project Meadosaurus


Our haul!

CDH’s Birthday: My husband was a year older last month and we had a few friends over during the day for an indoor picnic. Everyone brought a plate of food and I made a cob loaf, some chicken nibbles and a lemon cake. We hung out for a few hours, talked shit and played board games. It was great fun.

The day after, CDH and I stopped in to look at the mini-trains.


I think these trains are just the cutest thing ever.

Sinead and Allen’s birthday party: More people growing old! Sinead and Allan always put on a good night, and while this party wasn’t as raucous as their last one, it was fun. We drunk margaritas and played with an etch-a-sketch. Amy drew a viking ship and Tim declared it would have to be SO metal that even the ship, the sails, the oars, the shields and the OCEAN needed a beard …


Putting the finishing touches on the beards


Tim and Amy and their masterpiece (note the abundance of beards. It's so viking, even the shields have beards).

Caitlin Smith: I’m interviewing this fabulous NZ songstress for, as she has the same eye condition as me. I went down to Hotel Debrett on Sunday to hear what she does. I’ve never had that much experience of jazz, but Caitlin was on fire! She played three sets, alternating stunning jazz renditions of songs from Van Morrison, Joy Division and Elliot Smith with her original songs. Her voice is indescribable, ranging from a low rumbling to a soaring high. She injects a butt-load of personality into the intimate setting, and I reckon even if jazz isn’t  your thing you should head down to Hotel DeBrett on a Sunday night to catch her set.

Church: No, not that kind of church. Church is the name of the monthly goth club night in Auckland, held at the Whammy Bar in St. Kevin’s Arcade on K’rd. I’ve never been to this club before, but it’s right across from one of my other favorite haunts – the Wine Cellar. Turns out it’s this awesome low-ceilinged, dingy underground place you have to enter through a long tunnel snaking through pipers and crooked floorboards and generators. I had such a fun night seeing old and meeting new friends, and got to see the talented Plum Green perform with Hannah Miss Annthropy added her unique interpretation in dance.

And, to keep me company and light my fire since I suck and can’t do it myself, I had three awesome friends, Amy, Kelli and Sam around last night for chili fries, chocolate pudding, and the lego sheep game.

Oh, and I’m busy doodling away to get my new webcomic Corpsepaint Kitty up before we leave.

What have you been doing recently that’s awesome?

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