August 12, 2015

Steff Loves: Contrived to Charm Leather

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f-holes custom leather belt

I have been finding a ton of new amazing online stores that I don’t want to keep all to myself. My shopping wishlist is pretty damn long right now. Unfortunately, we’re about to launch headlong into building an extension on our house, so no online purchases for me for some time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about one day owning a belt from Contrived to Charm. From the mind of designer Tiffany Crabtree, each belt is carefully handcrafted from scratch using high quality leather materials and classic tooling techniques. Tiffany states that’s she’s drawn, “to the versatility and the enduring quality with this medium; so began my love affair with leather.”

Much of Tiffany’s inspiration stems from an appreciation of vintage nostalgia and style, a dash of drama and a hint of the mystical and macabre. I see wearing these belts over a flimsy white shift, as Tiffany has style them in her pictures, or with some dark draped clothing, ala SophiReaptress.

f-holes custom leather belt

I have a hard time choosing my favourite pieces. But the four contenders have to be the bat wings tooled leather buckle belt – this comes in a waist or hip measurement. The Eye-of-horus Belt comes in a close-second, as it matches my own tattoo. The eye is a symbol of protection, and a powerful visual to wear on one’s body.

the muse leather belt

I adore this Muse tooled leather wide belt. Inspired by the “F-holes” or “cuts” found on a violin – this is a popular motif in tattoo culture. (women often have the “F-holes” tattooed on their stomach or back, so their body mimics the beautiful curves of the instrument.) I love the way Tiffany has stained this belt with mahogany to give it a wood-grain finish.

contrived to charm belt

And finally, I think this keyhole black and silver belt, which I think would be a particularly stunning addition to a steampunk wardrobe.

As well as leather clincher belts, Tiffany also produces a range of stunning leather tarot card pouches, including zodiac-inspired pouches, and this beauty:

tarot card pouch

This Arrows of Truth pouch was designed to hold the Wild Unknown tarot deck, but can fit many different decks. Tiffany can also make pouches to order in the size you require.

All Tiffany’s items are handmade upon order, and they’re reasonably priced for leatherwork goods. Expect to wait 2-4 weeks after ordering for belts to be created. Looks worth the wait to me!

You can buy beautiful leather work from the Contrived to Charm etsy store, check out the website, and even stop in at the new boutique (if you happen to be in San Diego). Also, follow Tiffany on Instagram to get some cool behind-the-scenes pictures plus coupon codes and giveaways.

All photos copyright Contrived to Charm.

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