July 17, 2018

Steff Loves: Jane Heidersdorf – illustrator of the feral and fantastical

Barbarian Home, Plunder


I saw this banshee illustration online a few days ago and through it would be the most perfect thing to hang in my new ensuite. I love the gentleness of the lines and how it’s creepy and serene at the same time.



The artist is Jane Heidersdorf, and the rest of her work shares this serene, fae-like beauty. She calls herself an illustrator of the ‘feral and fantastical’, which is perfect. Jane lives and works in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

rosemarys baby

Rosemary’s Baby poster, original for <> Gallery.

In surreal, moody mixed media compositions her work explores everything lurking in the dark and unseen, may it be creatures, thoughts or fairytales.

7 ravens

One of 7 illustrations of the Brothers Grimm tale, 7 Ravens. Jane made these into a print book you can buy from her Etsy shop.

Jane has a patreon where she’s creating 100 pieces of haunting, ethereal mermaid art for a scientific mermaid encyclopedia. Seriously, check this out because it looks AMAZING.

xanthochroid cover

Cover artwork for the metal band Xanthochroid.

When she’s not drawing or crafting you can find her dabbling in writing, photography and animation, or stalking the local squirrel population.

You can see more of Jane’s work on her website and buy pretty things in her etsy shop (books) and Society6 shop (prints and objects)