June 9, 2015

Steff loves Mad Men Barbershop


whiskey wax shave cream

mad men barbarshop cutting

OK, so not really, but only because I don’t have much of a beard to tend. But I saw MadMen Barbershop on Etsy the other day and fell in love with their beautiful packaging and wonderful masculine concoctions.

Mad Men Barbershop is a real, in-the-flesh, Long Island barbershop, tailor and tobacconist. They’ve been barbers for nearly 150 years, so they know their stuff. After selling their own range of products to their clientele for years, they decided to expand into online sales with an Etsy shop, and it looks like its going very well.

prohibition dry whiskey pomade

Prohibition Dry Whiskey pomade is designed to last all day, but is “water- soluble” and will easily wash out in one washing. Designed for all men’s hairstyles and textures, including messy cuts, pomps of all heights, side-parts and undercuts.

whiskey wax shave cream

Next, there’s Whiskey Wax Shave Cream, which provides a close, smooth and moisturized shave. Made in New York, this brushless shave cream features a masculine, subtle & refreshing scent of Whiskey & Lime.

beard oil

And then, there’s a 40oz bottle of beard oil, because we all know that beards are totally hip right now. (They’ve always been hip for metalheads, but whatever). Designed to keep facial hair of any length healthy, soft and manageable, this time-tested formula (seriously, these dudes were cutting your grandfather’s beard) rejuvenates both impoverished skin & facial hair.

You can follow Mad Men Barbershop on Facebook. They even have a cool blog of “man” stuff you can check out.