March 11, 2015

Steff Loves: Ovate

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valhalla hoodie ovate

valhalla hoodie ovate

I often like to feature alternative clothing, accessories, homeware and other products here on the blog, under the plunder category. Today, I’m talking about the latest collection from Ovate.

Ovate is the clothing label of designer Audrey Cantwell in Montreal, Canada. Audrey’s design principle is to capture the synthesis between nature’s elegant simplicity and the spare beauty of industrial minimalism. Each piece uses natural materials – cotton, hemp, wool, linen, leather, and silk – and use draping, distressing and brutal, basic shapes to creating clothing that is timeless, mysterious but completely wearable.

cardigan ovate

Audrey draws inspiration from nature, the occult, Norse and Greek mythology, and metal/folk/neo-classical music.

I’ve been admiring Audrey’s work since she was just out of design school and selling on Etsy under a different name. I owned one of the original Valhalla hoodies before I accidentally left it behind in a club one night (sob!). I hope the person who picked it up is very happy with it, as it was snuggly and had a giant hood and was basically the perfect hoodie.

leather trench coat ovate

The new Ovate collection – Diaphane – is out now, and there are some beautiful pieces. I’m eyeing up the new, re-released Valhalla hoodie, complete with extra-long sleeves and thumbholes (mine never had thumb-holes. I LOVE thumb-holes). I also love this long hooded black cardigan, the merino wool cardigan, this oiled leather miniskirt, and oh, about a million other things.

jewelry ovate

For well made, handcrafted designer clothing, I think the pricing is more than reasonable. There’s also a few sale items from previous collections on the Ovate website that you might want to check out, too.

You can peruse and purchase the Diaphane collection from the Ovate website. Also, there’s an interesting interview with Audrey on Renee Ruin’s blog.

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March 12, 2015 at 12:29 am

Although I’m a guy I like reading your articles about clothing and accessories! You being a woman obviously means you usually deal with female clothing and stuff but would you consider presenting any male clothing lines/accessories as well?
It would be cool I think and a woman’s opinion is always appreciated, even more if it’s an “alternative” one!!

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