May 7, 2015

Steff Loves: Sovrin Apparel

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Sovrin hoodie

Sovrin hoodie

I spied this hoodie in an Easy search the other day. Swoon. (You can tell it’s starting to get cold here in NZ because I’m looking at hoodies a lot). It comes from a label called Sovrin, which features printed, draped black clothing with designs inspired by nature, fantasy, horror and pagan rites. Most pieces are unisex and the fit looks loose and comfortable.

sovrin hummingbird

The Sovrin label is the brainchild of designer Kayla, who stared Sovrin in March 2012 after graduating from fashion school. She decided to start printing because she wanted to create the clothing she wanted to wear but couldn’t find anywhere else.

sovrin leggings

In line with the subject matter of her prints and her personal values, Trice also tries to be conscious of environmental factors when creating her designs. She prints using water-based inks because they are better for the environment (not releasing harmful chemicals into the air), her cotton clothing is made in LA and is sweatshop free, and everything in the Witching Hour line is printed on organic bamboo blends.

sovrin runic destroyed

I covet several pieces, including the Mannaz hooded cardigan, the Runic muscle tank (although I prefer the one without the distressing), the Witching Hour tunic in wine (it comes in a few different colours) and these Runic Sticks leggings. Prices seem really reasonable for what look like high quality pieces.

sovrin witching hour tunic

Shop Sovrin Apparel on Etsy or on the official Sovrin website, and follow on Instagram & Facebook.

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