October 14, 2018

Steff Loves: Weather & Grey candles


weather and grey candles

weather and grey candles

I’m currently putting together a fun reader swag pack for my November 6th FB party to celebrate the launch of The Castle of Spirit and Sorrow and the wrapping up of the Briarwood Witches series. It’s a cool time to be doing this, because all my favourite gothic shops are releasing Halloween things, and I’m also discovering amazing new designers and makers.

One such discovery is Weather and Grey, who offer a variety of candles for the darkly inclined. The scents may be heavenly but the themes are anything but.

Weather and Grey is the flagship brand of The Candle Parlour in Claymont, Delaware, and their candles are designed to appeal to history buffs, romantics, aesthetes, dreamers, hipsters, artists, and old souls. Labels inspired by vintage artwork and scents evoking memory and mystery add to the experience. They also have a bricks-and-mortar store called The Candle Parlour in Delaware that looks amazing and I bet it smells even better.

weather and grey candles steffmetal

Collections include vintage Halloween, penny dreadfuls (I love these literature-themed candles), history and nostalgia (everything from battlefields to Jack the Ripper), and the newly-released dark series.

Some of my favourite candles are Antique Books (paper, vanilla & leather), La Belle Epoque (cherry blossoms, white musk & myrrh), Midnight (clove), Mummy’s Curse (old cotton & incense), Vampyre (frankincense & clove), and Witch (pumpkin bread).

Visit the Weather & Grey website to buy their candles, or follow them on Instagram.